Orange smashes the prices of its two fiber offers (-45%)

If you want to change your Internet box at the end of the year, choose one of the two Fiber offers put forward by Orange.

For the end of the year celebrations, Orange is promoting two Internet boxes with Fiber at a reduced price. If you are looking for a new formula intended to lower the budget devoted to this expense item, there is a good chance that one of them will do the trick. On the other hand, the current offers are not intended to extend over time, they will disappear shortly, so do not wait too long.

The Livebox Fiber Internet box put forward by Orange is currently displayed at a price of 22.99 euros per month with Fiber. Without discount, the price of this same formula comes back to 41.99 euros, which means that the immediate reduction is almost -45% today. In addition, it should be noted that this formula includes all the necessary characteristics: Internet connection, calls and TV.

To discover the Livebox Fiber Internet box, it’s here:

See the Orange offer

Whether it is the Livebox Fiber or Livebox Up Fiber Internet box, these two offers are relevant in terms of price, but also in terms of characteristics. One of the two should match your expectations and your budget. We would like to remind you that you shouldn’t wait too long before choosing your next subscription, because these offers will soon end at Orange.

Before changing your Internet box, you must remember to test your eligibility for Fiber on the official site. Orange allows you to get the answer easily, all you have to do is indicate the address of the home concerned by the installation of the new equipment. Then, you just have to follow the online steps to select your offer. A technician will take care of the connection then the box will start up automatically.

What Internet boxes are available from Orange?

Currently, Orange offers two Internet boxes accompanied by a discount, these are called Livebox Fiber and Livebox Up Fiber. In both cases, you are guaranteed to enjoy a fast Internet connection, but also calls and the TV option for the same price. The first formula is the most accessible while the second is the most premium, here are the details of the current offers.

With the reduction at Orange, the Livebox Fiber Internet box falls to 22.99 euros per month only for high speed fiber (up to 400 Mb / s for sending and downloading), unlimited calls to landlines in France as well as 140 TV channels with an Ultra HD 4K decoder. This represents savings of -45% compared to the initial price of this subscription.

See the Orange offer

For its part, the second Internet box offered by Orange is displayed at 30.99 euros per month for high-speed fiber (up to 2 Gb / s sending and 600 Mb / s downloading) with the Livebox 5 and the WiFi 6 repeater, unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, Europe, DOM, USA and Canada as well as 140 TV channels with two Ultra HD 4K decoders. As we said, this one wants to be more complete and more premium, it turns out to be perfect if there are more of you in the same accommodation and that you request Fiber at the same time (large family, roommate…).

Whether you take the Livebox Fiber or Livebox Up Fiber Internet boxes, the prices are guaranteed by Orange for the entire first year while the duration commitment is also one year. In the case of the first offer, you therefore pay 22.99 euros per month for one year and then 41.99 euros per month – this represents significant savings of 228 euros over the same period. Orange displays price details clearly on its official website so that everyone can easily find their way around.

What are the advantages of choosing an Internet box from Orange?

If Orange has the merit of posting discounts on two Internet boxes which are among the most popular in the range, even without discounts, the supplier is not stopping there. It also relies on a reputation built on the reliability of its offer over the years, but also on efficient customer service. If you have a question, you will inevitably get clear answers from the latter, which is one of the reasons why Orange is among the best in France.

If you take an Internet box from Orange, the supplier can also pay up to 150 euros for termination fees. So you can make the transition to this new player without having to spend more – knowing that Orange will take care of the termination with your current supplier.

At the moment, Orange is offering a last offer, it is a pack including an Internet box, a mobile plan and the TV option. Called the Limited Series Open 70 GB Fiber, this formula is currently displayed at 29.99 euros per month, you can consult the details directly on the official website of the supplier. Again, this offer is not meant to remain available indefinitely.

To discover the Internet boxes at Orange, it’s here:

See the Orange offer

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