Orange spends the second in the dismantling of the ADSL copper network

Orange has just carried out a new test aimed at preparing for the dismantling of its copper network. As of today, six French municipalities no longer have access to the ADSL offers of each of the operators. New requests from their inhabitants will therefore have to concern a fiber subscription or other alternative.

It is now official since last month, Orange is preparing to completely dismantle its copper network. The project should be completed by 2030, but before that, it’s time for trial and error for the incumbent operator. In 2021, a first test has already been successful. Yesterday, Orange replicated the experience in six French municipalities. From today, the inhabitants of Issancourt-et-Rumel, Vivier-au-Court, Vrigne-au-Bois, Gernelle, Provin and Voisins-le-Bretonneux will no longer be able to subscribe to a new ADSL offer.

“This is the commercial closure of the copper network”specifies the French Federation of telecoms questioned by our colleagues from Univers Freebox, before specifying that “operators will no longer be able to offer copper offers”. Of course, these 6 municipalities are all fully eligible for fiber, thus leaving the possibility for its inhabitants to migrate to another solution. Note that fiber is not mandatory here and that users may choose to opt for an alternative solution.

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Orange is testing the end of its ADSL copper network in several French cities

Here is the first stage of this gigantic dismantling which will be spread over the years to come. Orange is talking about ADSL here, but the technology is not the only one based on the copper network. There is also SDSL, VDSL, remote monitoring and remote assistance. “All customers can now prepare for this shutdown of services by contacting the operator of their choice to identify the solution that suits them,” explains the French Telecoms Federation.

The operators, meanwhile, seem already ready. At the end of last year, Free already asked Orange to stop repairs on its copper network, arguing that this will push subscribers to turn to fiber. Despite everything, there is still a long way to go, with the transition proving more difficult for some professionals than for individuals.

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