Orange will present the Livebox 6 on April 6, 2022, here is the first photo

The time for the official announcement of Livebox 6 is approaching. Orange has just sent an invitation to an event taking place on April 6th. The operator accompanies the press release with the first official image of the box, which reveals fabric elements as well as a mysterious moon-shaped button.

Credits: Orange

More than two years after the launch of the Livebox 5, it is now time to make way for its successor. The Livebox 6 will have its work cut out if it wants to match its elder, which attracted 1.5 million new subscribers in 2021. The kick-off will be launched on April 6, at 9 a.m., according to an invitation sent by Orange. In the meantime, the operator has unveiled a mysterious first image of the device.

Plunged into the dark, the latter still leaves a glimpse of the fabric sides already mentioned in previous leaks. Whether it’s protecting your furniture or integrating speakers into it — to communicate with a voice assistant for example — this has yet to be determined. An orange linear LED crosses the upper part of the box, certainly indicating when it is activated.

Orange unveils a first image of its Livebox 6

Finally, looking closer, we guess a button displaying a moon, suggesting a possible night mode. We can imagine that the box will leave the possibility of putting it on standby at certain times in order to limit its energy consumption. That’s all we can say for the moment about the Livebox 6. If it is very likely that Orange will reserve it for subscribers to most expensive offerswe do not yet know its exact price.

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The same goes for its technical characteristics. On several occasions, various sources have mentioned the compatibility of the box with WiFi 6E, which would allow Orange to catch up technologically in the field. On the throughput side, we should benefit from 5 Gb/s, compared to 2 Gb/s at present. Finally, we know that the Livebox 6 will not be equipped with an xDSL port, which therefore means that it will be reserved exclusively for fiber subscribers.

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