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Especially due to issues related to ecology, the new environmental labels that we use today have changed the way we buy cars. Also called environmental stickersare mandatory to circulate in certain areas and times, so we must get the one corresponding to our vehicle if we do not have it.

It must be taken into account that, at an ecological level, everything related to the automobile industry is considered an important part of environmental degradation. Obviously this is given by the polluting emissions that are produced by the enormous number of vehicles that are currently in circulation. That is precisely where the DGT labels which we will talk about now.

Also called environmental stickers, they aim to regulate and point out the vehicles that generate fewer emissions. These can be used in different cases and areas, depending on the moment and the contamination. In short, and to give us an idea of ​​the purpose of each one, they are these:

  • Blue 0 Emissions label for less polluting vehicles.
  • Eco label of green and blue color for hybrids.
  • Green C label1 for internal combustion vehicles that comply with EURO regulations.
  • Yellow B label for the least efficient in terms of pollution.

Keep in mind that those of us who can also find vehicles that cannot carry any of these environmental stickers. To find out first-hand if our car should carry one of these labels, and if so, which one it should be, it’s easy. We only have to enter our registration on this website provided by the DGT.

How to request the environmental label for the car

It may be the case that we have acquired a vehicle, for example, in the second-hand market, and we have verified that it needs a environmental sticker to circulate without problem in certain areas. For example, we may have done this check on the aforementioned website of the DGT. This means that to avoid fines we will have to acquire the sticker corresponding to our car and place it on the windshield.

Next, we are going to show you how to request these elements to place them in the vehicle comfortably from home and through the internet. Here we can use two equally effective methods that we will show you below. First of all, we can use the own DGT website to request the sticker that corresponds to us. For all this we only want to use our favorite internet browser and go to this URL.

For this we only have to enter the license plate of our vehicle and after filling in a series of personal data it will arrive at home. But it is worth knowing that this is not the only system by which we can request this environmental element through Internet. We tell you this because the postal service also provides us with everything necessary to achieve it. As in the previous case, we will only have to access the corresponding website of the Correos service to request the label that corresponds to our vehicle.

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