Organizing a trip? The iOS apps that will guide you through everything

The features to look for in these apps

In the App Store you can find many applications that are focused on tourism, but they are very diverse. When organizing a trip, keep in mind that many previous organizational tasks need to be carried out. That is why the functions of a specific application must always be taken into account in order to have a wide set available with which to work on organizing your trip. Here are the main points that you should take into account when making this choice:

  • Function they perform: As we have previously commented, it is necessary to take into account the function that the application is going to perform in particular. It should be noted that in the App Store you can find those applications to make reservations and also others whose mission is to guide you through a city so that you do not miss anything.
  • Esthetic: As in any application that can be found in the application store, it is important to have an app that has a good aesthetic. In this way the use will be much more optimal and above all enjoyable. In addition, in this way you will be able to have an app as complete as possible and with the maximum options to have a trip as satisfactory as possible.
  • Price: one of the most critical points when it comes to getting an application. In the App Store you can find many options that are paid, but you may not be entirely interested in what they offer. That is why you should prioritize those options with a free price or that at least have a free trial to assess whether it is worth it or not.

Apps to book your flights and hotels

The first thing that must be taken into account when starting a trip is the means of transport that you are going to use. In the event that you do not opt ​​for the car, you will have to make a reservation for another means of transport such as an airplane. This also adds to the stay, which is something basic when going on a trip. The good thing is that the reservation can usually be made jointly as you can see in the following applications.


This is one of the most famous websites when making an accommodation reservation anywhere in the world. Hotels, apartments or houses are included. All this with the maximum possible security when making the payment and with the confidence that you will not be scammed, having the confidence to arrive at the hotel and have your room already prepared. Specifically, there are 27 million hotels, vacation rentals or apartments. You can search by city, tourist attraction or hotel name and apply price filters or services that interest you.

The most interesting thing is that in Booking you can find a great variety of different offers that change periodically. You will also have opinions of the clients of these locations with the reliability that they are criticisms that are made by people who have really been to that establishment. A large amount of information is available so that you can always choose the best possible option. - Travel Deals - Travel Deals


One of the most complete applications to be able to reserve everything you need for your own vacations. Flights, hotels and rental cars is all you can book through this application in a really easy way. First of all, you can apply numerous filters to find the most optimal based on the budget you have. In addition, you can also search for those options that allow a comfortable cancellation.

The application allows you to save on all your reservations. It integrates all the discounts that are exclusive when contracting by mobile. Also, at any price, you can set an alarm to know at all times when there is a radical drop and make the reservation right there. You will have everything under control since it includes the Trips tool to group all your trips and reservations in one place as well as the boarding passes.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels, Cars
KAYAK Flights, Hotels, Cars


This application allows you to search and compare offers for flights, rental cars and hotels. All this will happen for free since you will not have to make any payment to access these options. This means that with the search engine you can have the best offer by constantly comparing the different prices that can be found between different pages. All this will save you a lot of money when it comes to enjoying your vacation.

Keep in mind that you can compare the best offers from different websites such as AirBnb or Agoda. You will find the structure that best suits your needs and you will access recent searches at all times. In the case of flights, the process is quite similar and you can book it quickly on the airline’s website and always keeping the price you have found.

Jetcost: flights, hotel, cars
Jetcost: flights, hotel, cars

Guide yourself around the city with these options

Once you arrive in an unknown city, you should always consult some kind of guide to have the information on what you should visit. This is achieved with travel guides, and although they can be purchased in many places, now you can also find them in the App Store of your iPhone. In this way you will always have it at hand and you can consult it with the convenience of digital support.

Visit a City Offline Guides

This application promises you to see the best things to visit in a specific city. Specifically, there is a free database with more than 1000 travel guides that have been created by experts. In these guides, in addition to having places that are totally public, you will also have information about monuments or museums. These will include the most relevant information such as what you will find in these locations and also the schedule to follow.

If you are going to travel outside of your country, you should know that this is the ideal application. In this situation you will hardly have a stable internet connection and that is why you should always have a service that is online at hand. This requires always having prior planning before traveling to download all the guides and know where you are going to visit on each of the trips you are going to make. All of this is integrated into an interface with easy navigation.

Visit A ​​City Offline Guides
Visit A ​​City Offline Guides

London Travel Guide

As the name suggests, this is a travel guide that is mostly focused on London and not all cities in the world. It should be borne in mind that having such a specialized guide always means having greater control of everything that is being visited and possibly being more up-to-date with the most relevant sites. It has augmented reality technology, this being one of the few guides to include this functionality.

Obviously, it is important for any visitor to have an offline system. In this way, you do not need to be constantly connected to the internet, but you can download the guide in a comfortable way. Likewise, the GPS can be used to guide you quickly and have information on where you should go comfortably. Added to this are safety tips, transportation services, what you should buy, among other much information.

London Travel Guide
London Travel Guide

The ways to find the best restaurant

When traveling it is important to know where you are going to do each of the activities. One of the most important without a doubt is to taste the local gastronomy, and finding a good restaurant is undoubtedly a great challenge since there are many options that can be found. That is why there are apps that, through customer ratings, allow us to know exactly which of the restaurants is of the highest quality.

Google maps

The road navigator par excellence is undoubtedly Google’s. But beyond having a fundamental function, such as taking us to a specific place following their instructions, it also helps us choose the best restaurant. It has an extremely complete database with different gastronomic options and above all it encourages users to make their reviews at all times to help another customer choose whether to go or not.

With a simple touch on the search engine and establishing the word ‘restaurant’ you will get a wide list of restaurants wherever you are. Because this is another of its great characteristics: it is used practically all over the world. Beyond knowing the type of food or the menu, you will be able to consult images of the food served in the restaurant and also read the opinions of those diners who have previously passed through there.

Google Maps - routes and food
Google Maps - routes and food


A mythical application when searching for a restaurant. ElTenedor or TheFork has become a tool that helps many people find the restaurant where they will eat wherever they are. Best of all, it gives you the tools you need to make a reservation without having to make phone calls. You simply have to enter your personal data in the application and the time you want to eat and you will have your table.

Keep in mind that this is an application that, like other similar ones, can offer different discounts. That is why it can always be interesting to always consult in this the culinary offer that is around. As in other cases, the application is based on the opinion of customers to help you decide, and also to prevent you from going to a restaurant with bad service or bad food.

TheFork (TheFork)
TheFork (TheFork)


Do you have a refined taste for food? If the answer is yes, then you must have Evening installed on your iPhone. It is a perfect application to discover new restaurants in the cities you visit. It is designed above all to have a special and high category food, so do not expect recommendations from fast food restaurants. It is going to focus mainly on restaurants categorized as ‘Gourmet’.

Each one of the files of the restaurants that confer this app has been verified by experts. In other words, the vast majority of restaurants are of quality. The information available is Instagram, photos of food, tips, type of restaurant, restaurant menu, recommended dishes or the Michelin star number. In this way, you guarantee that you can choose the best possible option when you want to go out to an elegant place.

Evening |  Gastronomic guide
Evening |  Gastronomic guide

Which one do we recommend?

There are many applications that we have found that can be of great help to us to be able to travel comfortably. But of all this without a doubt we must keep two. The first is Booking which is the perfect application to make all kinds of reservations. The most important thing is that security is prioritized when making the reservation since you have the necessary confidence to avoid any type of incident when you check-in at the hotels.

The second essential for any trip is Google maps. Beyond guiding you through the different streets and highways of the place you are going to visit, this is an essential application. It has evaluations from numerous clients who have passed through the establishment you are going to visit and you can also find photos of these places.

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