Origami on iPad: discover the most complete applications

You can make origami from iPhone

The fascination of people for making paper figures has existed in our culture for centuries, already in ancient Egypt figures made by folding paper were already seen. But really the maximum expression of this art came with the Japanese origami. And although centuries have passed, it continues to arouse the same interest as before, to the point that it is present in great origami applications for iPad.

Do you want to know the best Origami applications for the Apple tablet? Prepare your phone or your iPad and several sheets of paper, which you will need.

What does a good origami app for iPhone require?

For all the fans of the art of folding sheets of paper, there are certain characteristics that have to be the minimum desirable to be able to say that we have a complete application.

  • The application must provide detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to create different origami models and it would be nice if they included illustrations or diagrams showing the folding steps.
  • must have a wide collection of origami models classified by categories, such as animals, flowers or objects.
  • Another desirable feature would be offer customization optionsn, such as the ability to adjust the size of the paper, change the colors or add additional details to the origami models, in order to have a preview of our model that is more realistic than the original
  • And already for true origami geeks, it would be great have an integrated community where users can share their creations, interact with other origami enthusiasts, receive feedback, and follow other artists.

How to make Origami: the name already says it all

How to do origami on iPhone

If you want an application that is simple and that simply does what it promises, How to do Origami is the option for you.

In this application you will have access to a very wide variety of figures, from the classic ones like flowers, cranes or frogs to some that are not as traditional as a dinosaur.

Although it is not really 100% inspired by the art of origami (let’s face it, a dinosaur is not what we would associate with the Japanese Meiji period, for example)the simplicity of its tutorials make it a very valid option to improve in the art of folding paper.

How to make origami (AppStore Link)

Origami Teaching: an app for beginners

How to make origami is a good application

origami-teaching is a simple application that allows you to make different origami models on your iPad. The application has numerous illustrated tutorials that will guide you little by little so that you can level up as you evolve.

One of the strengths that characterize this application is the number of models there: They boast of having more than one hundred figures to learn how to make and that they will periodically add more models.

If you are looking for an application to get started, Origami Teaching can be a good alternative.

Origami Teaching-step by step (AppStore Link)

Origami Children’s Origami: to bring art closer to the little ones in the house

can you make origami for kids

If what you want is to love the little ones in the house, Origami Origami Kids It is an option dedicated to the little ones in the house.

The application interface is very simple and easy to use, especially designed for children. To make the user’s work easier, it not only offers folding tutorials, but also includes videos that show how to make origami easily.

The strongest point of this application is its simplicity and, above all, that does not hide anything inside its code: There is no link to purchase applications or redirection to more additional paid downloads, nor with risqué advertising.

In case you want to print folds, from the application itself you can make a print on paper to facilitate folding with instructions on paper, since it also supports the be able to print directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Origami origami kids (AppStore Link)

Paperamar Folding Origami: tutorials and origami a lot for your iPad

Papersea Origami for iPad

If what you are looking for is a fast and complete option to do Origami on an iPad, papermar It has everything you are looking for and more.

Paperamar Folding Origami offers you tutorials on how to make your paper figures but classified in levels: admits from beginners to people who have an advanced level.

A feature of this app is that lets you make your own figures on the iPad screenwhich can be interesting if you don’t have a piece of paper at hand or if you are especially ecologically conscious.

Paperamar Folding Origami (AppStore Link)

Origami Easy – Magic Paper Art: a complete option with 3D origame

Origami Easy lets you do origami with iPad

Origami Easy – Magic Paper Art is one of the applications that allow you to learn the ancient folding techniques to make origami from iPhone.

The advantage that this application offers over other existing ones is the fact that all the tutorials are done with 3D modeled instructions in a very precise way, which gives it an extra volume and depth that can be very necessary for the most complex origami figures.

In addition to this, it offers options categorized by levels like the previous application, so that as you evolve in your mastery of paper folding, you will be able to make increasingly complicated and challenging figures.

Without a doubt, especially due to the great appeal of the 3D instructions and the compatibility with smaller screens like those of the iPhone, it is a worthwhile option.

Origami Easy - Magic Paper Art (AppStore Link)

With this we would conclude our small assessment of the best origami applications for iPad. We hope you agree with our vision and that you can enjoy this age-old hobby using today’s technology.

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