Other news: Microsoft’s blue squares, Windows OSX 11 and programs to update

Microsoft records … 4 blue squares?

After the company was stolen from Clippy by a patent troll, it has gone to work to prevent this type of hoax from happening again. In this way, the company has been registering in recent days a series of logos related to its products, such as Windows 11 or Minecraft. All right. However, we are struck by one of the logos that have been submitted to the intellectual property registry.

Microsoft logo Windows registration

This logo clearly corresponds to the Windows logo. However, in the description we can see that what Microsoft is registering is «four squares aligned on a grid. The squares are blue and separated by a white space. “

Luckily, if we check Microsoft’s log history, we can see that Clippy has been recovered.

Windows 11? Better OSX 11

Since the first edition of Windows 11 was leaked, we have all agreed on one thing: the operating system is nailed to macOS. The widget panel, the taskbar … there are many elements that are very reminiscent of the Apple operating system. We do not know if in performance and stability it will also do it, but aesthetically, of course it will.

As always, users look for the slightest opportunity to modify the appearance of the operating system, even in the form of concepts. And this concept that a Reddit user brings us has been based precisely on that, on adapting the Windows 11 appearance so that it looks a little more like the Apple operating system. Especially in the application launcher.

Windows OSX 11

The truth is that the concept is not badly thought. And the dock suits him quite well. Although this does seem more like a retouched version of Windows 10 than a complete new OS.

Programs to update

Apart from this curious news about Microsoft and its new operating system, software developers have also been working to keep updating and maintaining programs. Some of the most popular programs that we can update to bring our PC up to date are:

  • SeaMonkey– A popular web browser developed and maintained by the community in true Firefox style. The new version 2.53.8 of this brings important bug fixes both in the operation of the browser and in security. It is advisable to update as soon as possible, downloading this version from here.
  • PrivaZer: a popular free program to clean our PC and protect our privacy. The new version 4.0.26 adds a new function to include / exclude content, in addition to tweaking some aspects of the interface and fixing some minor bugs. We can download this new version from this link.
  • Tixati: A torrent download client that has been gaining popularity in recent months thanks to its simplicity and great performance. The new version 2.84 adds new functions, and fixes enough bugs, to be able to continue downloading with it without any problem. We can download this new version from your website.
  • LIII BitTorrent Client– Another torrent client that has received a new version. This program stands out for being the most minimalist torrent client we can find. The new version improves the responsive function of the interface and tweaks some aspects of the appearance. We can download it from this link.

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