Other news of the day: Windows 11 in 1998, new taskbar and programs to update

What would Windows 11 be like if it had been created in 1998?

Windows 98 was the successor to Windows 95, an operating system released in 1998 that paved the way for Windows XP, which would arrive 3 years later. We all know what Windows 98 was like, and what it looked like, which, seen now, feels rudimentary. The new Windows 11 changes many aspects of the system that we are used to, such as the taskbar and the start menu. However, can we imagine that these changes had arrived in 1998?

Windows 11 in 1998

Windows NT “Sun Valley” is a concept that imagines what the characteristic changes of Windows 11 would have been on a system like Windows 98. The start button, and fast programs, centered on the taskbar. And the start menu of the new OS using the icons and elements of the classic Microsoft system.

A curious concept that we do not know how it would have been received by users.

This is the taskbar we wanted in Windows 11

The Windows 11 taskbar is one of the most striking, and criticized, aspects of Microsoft’s new operating system. The start menu and the centered icons, while striking, are not to the liking of many. And it is not that it is a bad idea on the part of Microsoft, but that it has not been the best, or the most striking.

This Reddit user presents us with a very interesting new concept about how this taskbar should have been.

W11 task bar concept

In it we can see a mix between a dock, like macOS, and the current taskbar. A very neat and minimalist concept that eliminates unused blank spaces, taking the modernity of the system to a new level. Unfortunately, it will not come true.

Programs to update

In addition, many developers have taken the opportunity to release new versions of the most used programs. The most important updates that we find today are:

  • SumatraPDF. The best PDF document viewer we can find. A very simple, free and open source program that does the job perfectly: open PDF without unnecessary functions or paraphernalia. The last version of this program was 3.2, released in March 2020. However, today we have a new update: 3.3 This new version introduces new features, such as a new toolbar with vector icons, a new contextual menu and a annotation function, in addition to correcting a good number of bugs and errors scattered throughout the program. We can download this new version at no cost from this link.
  • Tor Browser. The quintessential browser to connect to the Tor network and browse safely and privately. The new version 10.5 of this browser eliminates the support for version 2 of the Onion Services, adds new bridges, improves the connection wizard to the Tor network and corrects several errors that could end up affecting our privacy or security. It also updates the pre-installed extensions to the latest versions. We can download the new version of the browser from your website.
  • Clean Space. Cleaning and optimization program for Windows, a free alternative to Ccleaner. The new version 7.50 of the program focuses on improving the overall security of the program. We can download this version from here.
  • PowerArchiver. A complete file compressor for Windows (and, since 2021, for macOS). The new version 20.10.03 focuses on correcting various bugs reported by users. We can download this new version for free from its website.

And we must not forget to update Windows with the new emergency patch that corrects the serious PrintNightmare vulnerability that is being exploited massively on the network. Protect your PC by putting Windows, and programs, up to date.

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