Other news today: the critical error of the calculator and programs to update

Today, Microsoft has launched a new windows 11 update, new version that little by little is releasing new features and debugging its operation. Chrome, for its part, has also had to emergency update its web browser to protect users from a critical zero-day browser crash. However, there are also other news and curiosities that have remained in the pipeline and that, now, we are going to summarize.

In Windows 10 everything fails, even the calculator

When we use Windows we can expect anything to fail. The browser, the antivirus, the operating system itself can fail … the possibilities are immense, since they are very complex programs that, for many reasons, can end up causing an exception. However, there are two programs that, because of their simplicity, we would never have expected to fail. We talk about the calculator and the notepad. Or rather, just from the notepad.

A Reddit user began to notice an unusual number of error logs in Windows. When investigating these failures it has been possible to realize that the person responsible for them was the simple Windows calculator.

Critical calculator error Windows

For some unknown reason, the calculator has started to cause critical errors in the system, to the point of interfering with some modules of the system. Windows kernel. If we can no longer trust the calculator, what will not fail in Windows 10?

Program updates

Finally, to close the week, we can also find a good number of programs with their respective updates.

  • Internet Download Manager: known as IDM, this program allows us to speed up our downloads from the Internet up to 5 times. It features pause and resume, error validation, and a host of download verification options to ensure integrity. The new version 6.39 Build 1 of the program changes the search dialog and fixes some general errors in the program. We can get it down from here.
  • Wireshark– A must-have network analysis tool for any advanced user. The new version 3.4.6 of the program corrects a vulnerability in the program, corrects several problems detected in the program (not related to security) and updates many of the protocols supported by this program. We can download the new version from your website.
  • Tor Browser: the popular browser to connect and navigate safely and privately, without complications, on the Tor network. The new version 10.5.2 of this program updates the base browser (Fiefox) to ESR 78.12.0, in addition to correcting three bugs reported by users. We can download the new version from here.
  • Sandboxie Plus: a program to run any file or program in a safe environment and prevent it from endangering our PC. The new version 0.8.8 improves the general security of the program and fixes some errors in the program. We can download the new version from this link.
  • Password Safe– Keeping passwords safe is vital to prevent hackers from stealing them. Thanks to this program we will be able to generate secure keys, and save them in an encrypted form, in a secure and local database. The new version 3.56 fixes several bugs in the program. We can download the new version of the password manager from the following link.

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