Other news: Windows Mobile on Black Widow, new Microsoft offices and updates

Windows 10 Mobile appears in the new Marvel movie: Black Widow

When we go to buy a mobile we only have two options: either Android, or iOS. However, there was a time when Microsoft tried to break through (without success, obviously) between these two operating systems. To do this, the company launched Windows Phone, a real failure, and later he tried again with Windows 10 Mobile, another failure, although less deserved. Today, both operating systems are missing, and there is no trace of them not even in the Nokia, a brand owned by Microsoft. However, we don’t know why, suddenly these phones have made a comeback in the new Marvel movie: Black widow.

What is this phone doing, unsupported since January of this year, in a movie released just a few days ago? It is not known. These scenes may have been recorded for a few years now (something likely due to the COVID pandemic), or Microsoft may be thinking of a new OS to break through into the smartphone market. Be that as it may, it is certainly a most curious fact.

Microsoft’s new headquarters

Microsoft’s offices, like those of Google or Apple, are among the most impressive that we can find. But, in order not to become obsolete, they must be renewed from time to time. Microsoft has spent the last two years making a radical change to their offices, which had been representing the company since 1995. In the official Twitter account we can see how the headquarters of the company has changed after this latest remodeling that has taken two years to complete.

What do you think of the new offices where Windows is forged (among many other things)? If you want to know more details about the reform, you can see it here.

Programs to update

Throughout the weekend, several developers have taken the opportunity to launch new versions of their programs and utilities. These new versions allow us to take full advantage of the programs, have them free of errors, and that they work in the best possible way. The updates that we can easily find today on our PC are:

  • FileZilla– The popular open source, cross-platform FPT client. The new version 3.55 of this program focuses on updating and improving some of the program’s protocols (such as SFTP or ALPN), fixes some minor bugs, and updates the program’s translations to improve its accuracy. We can download the new version from this link.
  • Sandboxie Plus: thanks to this program we can run all kinds of software, even the most dangerous ones downloaded from the Internet, within a safe environment. In this way, if a program or file hides a threat, it remains within this sandbox, or isolated space, so as not to endanger the rest of our PC. The new version 0.8.7 adds some new functions requested by the users (such as being able to mark a sandbox by default, or keep the program in the system tray), and fixes a good number of bugs. We can download this program from here.
  • Cleaner One Pro: a complete Windows cleaner and optimizer with which we can update our PC and make it work in the best possible way. This weekend a new version has come out,, of which its changes are not yet known. But, if we are users of this program, we can download this version from its website.

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