Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie

Swappie is a company born in 2016 that leads the sale of terminals in Europe Apple iPhone reconditioned (what in English is called “refurbished”), a business that generates 100 million euros per year and, as we will see below, meets all the quality and guarantee standards that any demanding buyer is looking for.

Acquiring an iPhone is a hidden desire of many people, who see the Apple smartphone as a symbol of social status. I do not doubt that other high-end smartphones from brands that are Apple’s competition can also generate a similar feeling in many buyers, but the iPhone is the most desired by consumers, and not only in the market for new terminals, but also in the second hand.

The iPhone, from the first one that presented Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007 to the latest iPhone 13 (of which we have recently reviewed the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 Pro Max), they never disappoint, they are always at the maximum level of technological excellence that there is at that time, but we are talking about high-end smartphones that have a high price, out of the reach of many people.

Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie

The smartphone that we acquired at Swappie, an iPhone 12 (PRODUCT) RED with 64 GB capacity, arrived in perfect condition in this white box that, in addition to the iPhone itself, included the charging cable and the clip to remove the SIM tray. .

This is exactly where a company like Swappie comes in, as she herself admits on her blog that “one of the advantages of buying a refurbished iPhone is the price.” But the best thing about Swappie is not in the possibility of finding an iPhone up to 40% cheaper, the best thing is the wide catalog of models and options it offers.

Just visit their website to compare different versions of iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, etc. And I speak of “versions” because not only do they offer us different storage capacities and of course colors, you also have to choose between the modalities of “Satisfactory”, “Very good” and «Like New».

For Swappie, a “Satisfactory” model is one with pronounced wear marks such as deep scratches and dents. The “Very Good” models have visible signs of wear such as scratches and dents, but no very pronounced marks. Finally, there are the “Like New” models, which show minimal signs of use and if they have small scratches, they are hardly visible. Of course, in all cases the mobile is unlocked, fully tested and works like new.

Swappie makes it clear that any of all these modalities affect only the aesthetic section, that is, the appearance of the mobile. Their specialists have meticulously inspected all the mobiles and have repaired, after a 52-step verification process, whatever it takes. They have tested all the functions of the mobile and replaced the damaged parts (if any) with new ones.

But Swappie’s commitment to the iPhone you are going to buy does not end here. It also offers a 24-month warranty and has a return period of 14 days in case you are not satisfied with the purchase.

Our shopping experience at Swappie

As I think the best way to check the benefits of any product or service is to become a customer, I went to the Swappie website and looked for an Apple iPhone 12, specifically the (PRODUCT) RED model.

Below, you can see some of the screens that I moved through until I reached the final purchase.

Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie

The first thing was to locate the model I wanted, select the color and decide on the «Like New» mode.

Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie 34

After adding it to the basket, Swappie showed me some accessories to personalize my purchase, such as a tempered glass to protect the screen, a case or even the USB adapter because we remember that the purchased iPhone includes the charging cable but not the USB adapter.

Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie 36

With everything decided, I proceeded to the payment, which took me to a page where I included data such as name, address, etc., as well as the payment method.

Buy an iPhone at Swappie

Delivery is made by DHL Express, with an estimated time of between 1 and 3 days. It arrived to me in a day and a half more or less and at all times from DHL they kept informing me by email and with messages to my mobile about the status of my order.

When the DHL envelope with Swappie’s box arrived at my house, I admit that I proceeded to open it at full speed. I wanted to check if my “Like New” iPhone looked the same as a newly purchased iPhone. And so it was, I checked it carefully from the front, from the back, by its edges … and I could not find any scratch or visible mark that would remind me that it was a reconditioned smartphone.

As you can see in the images below, the iPhone 12 sent by Swappie is new and in perfect condition, externally at least.

Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie

Our experience buying a refurbished iPhone at Swappie

After the test of its external appearance, it was time to configure my new iPhone 12 to check that everything was in perfect condition. I admit that what worried me most was the battery life, since in a reconditioned model it can be its weak point.

From “Settings / Battery / Battery health” I verified that the maximum capacity was 100%, but also, after a few days of use, any doubts about its autonomy were dispelled.

In the analysis that I made a year ago of the iPhone 12 you can know in detail all the characteristics of this smartphone with 5G, 6.1-inch OLED screen with resolution 2,532 x 1,170 pixels at 460 dpi and chip Apple A14 Bionic.

The total price of my new iPhone 12 refurbished by Swappie was 726.50 euros, including 7.50 euros of shipping costs. The price of this same new model is 809 euros, that is, 82.5 euros of savings, which is not bad because I assure you that this reconditioned model is the same as a new one and also has a 24-month warranty.

If what we are looking for is an even greater difference in price, we will have to choose either the “Very Good” or “Satisfactory” mode. I have told you about my experience in a Swappie conditioned model “Like New”, and it couldn’t have been better.

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