“Our protection cannot depend on the slow analysis of a person”

The advent of Artificial Intelligence to cyber-attacks has meant that protection against them has to be based, to a large extent, on the automation of responses and decision-making in the face of their effects. At TEHTRIS they are aware of this, and their Country Manager for Spain speaks to us, in addition to their progress in the company’s first year in the country, about what AI applied to cybersecurity in general can offer us, and its tools in particular.

1 – It has been a year since the company landed in Spain, how do you assess the company’s trajectory in the country throughout these first months?

2022 has been the year of the birth of TEHTRIS in Spain, and therefore, our interest when entering the market was to consolidate the channel and advance with a client. This has been more than achieved, since we have had several clients who have trusted us, which is giving us a lot of visibility.

2 – What are the outstanding and differential points of your cybersecurity products compared to those of other companies?

TEHTRIS is ready for challenges. Not only of the present, but also of the future. TEHTRIS is defined as a company of constant innovation and adding capabilities almost daily to its XDR platform. Our differentiating proposals to provide a high level of security to companies and administration are:

  1. Unified Console. The number of security solutions with their separate consoles and management makes it very expensive and complex to manage the cybersecurity environment. TEHTRIS has designed a unified console not only for its solutions, but also for third-party solutions. It has more than 400 references from the cybersecurity sector, so that management is much simpler and with the same logic, without losing the capabilities of other technologies.
  2. hyperautomation. The volumes of information related to cybersecurity that must be managed are so large that we cannot depend on someone making a decision regarding what is or is not a threat. The solutions totally automated, with a minimum of false positives, they are the only ones that will withstand this challenge.
  3. Transparency and Regulatory Compliance. TEHTRIS, to achieve this level of protection, does not need user data or files. It has based its technology on log analysis, behavior analysis and device hashes. Being the only fully European company with these capabilities, it complies with all Data Privacy regulatory standards, and is transparent with companies without using or accessing their data.

3 – What advantages does the application of Artificial Intelligence bring to cybersecurity in general, and to its products in particular?

We used to protect against software created by humans with human definition and intelligence. Now this is not enough. We have to protect ourselves against Artificial Intelligence. Our protection cannot depend on slow analysis of a person, because the attack has a different speed.

The advantage that artificial intelligence brings to cybersecurity is to block attacks through these technologies that provide us with flexibility, immediacy, and automation. If the decisions to block or not, or to act or not, are made by a human being, it will be too late.

At TEHTRIS, we have endowed our entire XDR platform with Artificial Intelligence. In this way, decision-making will be automated, and therefore its protection. It also makes it possible to fight with the same weapons the potential threats that cybercriminals are beginning to use. All this under a mission of transparency and regulatory compliance, since TEHTRIS does not need the data or the files of the users. This makes it the only fully European company with these capabilities.

4 – How prepared are Spanish companies and institutions to face the threats and cyberattacks that lie in wait for them?

We have to remember that cybersecurity is a very young sector. Probably, before the year 2000, cybersecurity was almost non-existent, or very unprofessional. This implies that in the early years cybersecurity had to find its place, its solutions, its evolution and its management, among other things. And that has made the market very fragmented. We are now entering a stage of stabilization and consolidation of products and technologies that lead to this situation.

5 – What are the company’s objectives for this 2023? What are your plans for the future, both in Spain and in other markets?

2023 should be the year where we consolidate our position and take off with implementations, supporting many companies to improve their security. We are convinced that when they see the solution and its power, along with its simplicity, TEHTRIS will be the solution chosen by more and more companies.

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