Our readers have their say: what makes a good gaming laptop?

Choosing a good gaming laptop can be very complicated, since there are many things that we must take into account and in the end it is easy for us to feel overwhelmed, or that we get carried away by criteria that in the end are not as important as we thought. Last March we shared with you a guide focused on buying a gaming laptop, which I recommend you read if you are thinking of buying a piece of equipment of this type and have doubts that prevent you from making a decision.

In this guide we summarized in a fairly clear way the most important things that a good gaming laptop should have, although in the end we also depend on the priorities and needs of each user. For example, there are users who give absolute priority to performance, and therefore prefer a very powerful gaming laptop even if they have to give up good mobility and reasonable autonomy.

Continuing with the previous example, the opposite can also happen, that is, other users may prefer more balanced teams that are capable of moving current games with a good level of quality and fluidity, but maintaining an acceptable weight and autonomy. In the end, choosing between one or another type of gaming laptop will define what we can and cannot do, will affect its lifespan and will also have a noticeable impact on our user experience.

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Think, for example, of what it would mean to buy a very powerful 17.3-inch gaming laptop but weighing 3 kilograms. You would enjoy good performance, but when it comes to moving it you will have given up the comfort and autonomy that a device weighing less than 2 kilos with less powerful components, but more balanced in consumption, would offer.

All this easily leads us to ask ourselves a question that, frankly, I find very interesting, What should a good gaming laptop have? It is clear that the answer will be different depending on the objectives and preferences of each type of user, and for this reason I invite you to leave your opinion in the comments.

In my case, I prefer balanced equipment with a maximum weight of two kilos and a 15.6-inch format. Your CPU doesn’t have to be eight cores, but you do need to have a high IPC processor, 16GB of memory, a mid-range graphics card like the GeForce RTX 3060 Mobile, and Adaptive Sync technology. Now it’s your turn, we read.

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