Our readers speak: Are you in favor of video game remakes?

The launch of The Last of Us Part I and Resident Evil 4 Remake has once again brought to the fore a very interesting topic that, in general, we can summarize in two big questions: Is it really necessary to make remakes of classic video games? Where should the limit be and what should be done so that they provide a minimum of value to the user?

Personally, I think that video game remakes make sense, and yes, I am in favor of them, but as long as a series of minimum conditions are met to ensure their quality and that value that I referred to in the first paragraph. So that we understand each other better, Resident Evil 4 Remake would be a positive examplethat is, it is a remake that is really worthwhile and that adds value to the user, while The Last of Us Part I is the complete opposite.

Video game remakes can contribute many things, and very good ones, to the sector, as long as they are executed in an appropriate way and that they are not limited to being a simple update at a graphic level. In this sense, we can once again use Resident Evil 4 Remake as an example, since in addition to updating its technical section it also introduces new playable mechanics, It almost completely does away with the button press events that the classic used and offers a renewed and improved experience compared to the original, but without losing its essence.

By cons, the most important changes in The Last of Us Part I They do not go beyond an improvement at a technical level, since it maintains the same control system and the same keys of the remastered edition that came to PS4 a few years ago, and that in the end was a technically improved adaptation of the PS4 version. To make matters worse, the PC version has arrived in a sorry state, as we have already told you in previous articles.

In summary, I like remakes of classic videogames and I am in favor of them as long as they are well done, and as long as a reasonable time has passed between the original and the remake. Again Resident Evil 4 Remake is a good example, because the original hit the market in 2005, while The Last of Us Part I is the opposite because the remastered edition hit the market in 2014.

When so little time passes between the original game and a remake the changes at a technical level are not usually so marked, and that in this case they played with the advantage that the base of the original was a PS3 game. The same happens with the playable mechanics, and with the history of the game and its development, which in the end usually remains unchanged. All this leads to it being practically a “copy paste” with a more beautiful visual finish, without more.

Now it’s your turn to comment on this topic, we read in the comments.

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