Our readers speak: have you ever dared to build a PC?

Building a PC can be very simple, and certainly the process has become much easier and simpler in recent years. Despite everything, many people dread the idea of ​​setting up a team on their own, and most prefer to turn to a professional to do that job.

The truth is that In many cases that decision is the right one.because before assembling a PC it is necessary to choose the components, and if we do not have the necessary knowledge, we may make mistakes and end up choosing components that are not compatible with each other, or that, even if they are, will not offer a good user experience or could even get us into trouble.

In my case, I prefer to buy the parts and assemble my equipment myself, and I don’t mind doing the same with the equipment of my loved ones. In the end this allows me to keep up to date, helps me to improve my skills, It allows me to sometimes face new challenges and forces me to find solutions to new problems.. You already know that knowledge is power, and experience is fundamental.

My answer to the question in the title is a resounding yes, I have built many PCs and the truth is that I have always enjoyed it, even in those cases in which I have ended up encountering a problem that has forced me to spend hours looking for a solution. Interestingly, I have never had a problem at the hardware level, all the problems have come from immature BIOS level or from problems with the base configuration of the system.

Obviously the time and effort required to assemble a PC It depends a lot on its characteristics. For example, building a basic system without dedicated graphics card or additional fans, with a single storage unit and the stock cooling system for the processor is very simple, and the cable management to achieve a clean assembly will be minimal.

If we are going to build a gaming PC with additional fans, RGB LED lighting, dedicated graphics card and liquid cooling things change completely, and we will need to invest much more time.

Now it’s your turn, have you ever built a PC? If the answer is yes, tell us how your experience has been, and if you have never ridden one, you can tell us why. We read in the comments.

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