Our Readers Speak Up: If you could smell video games, which do you think would be the stinkiest?

Imagine that we reach a point where technology evolves so much that, finally, we can feel video games on another level. We are no longer limited to the classic vibration of the controls, now we can feel the video games in our body in a more realistic way, we can feel hot or cold depending on the level we are at, and we can also smell the scene.

I personally believe that many video games would be unbearable if we could get to smell certain scenes, and certain levels. Think, for example, of the Resident Evil franchise, or DOOM, although I could give you many other examples that, of course, would not be suitable for sensitive stomachs. The combination of rotten meat together with the particular aroma that the different enemies that populate both games must expel would be quite difficult to “digest”.

This is a topic that I have thought about in depth on more than one occasion, that idea of ​​how to maximize the realism of video games can end up making the experience terrible, and in the most literal sense of the word. When playing we can go through hostile areas without getting tired, and without having to deal with inclement weather, or the damage or injuries that the character suffers, and we also do not have to put up with the bad smells that would occur in different locations.

I think that few gamers would be willing to embrace those feelings in an attempt to take the realism of video games to an extreme level, and personally I am clear that it would be humanly impossible to play some titles in those conditions. If I limit myself to the sense of smell, and answering the question that serves as the title of this opinion article, I think that the worst smelling game of all the ones I have enjoyed would be A Plague Tale Innocence, especially in the level where we have to go through a battlefield littered with rotting corpses, blood, mud, and rats.

There are plenty of other titles that wouldn’t “smell” good either, like the Silent Hill saga, the spawn lairs in Days Gone, and certain locations in the Dark Souls franchise, and this only reinforces what I’ve already told you. Realism in video games is overrated in this regard, and it’s best not to go to those extremes. Now it’s your turn which game, and which scene, do you think would “smell worse” if you could feel it? We read in the comments.

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