Our readers speak: What monitor do you use?

The monitor is a fundamental part of any PC, since it takes care of interpret the signal it receives from the graphics card, and converts it into visible elements with whom we can interact. That is its function, but not all monitors are capable of performing it to the same level, nor do they offer the same features.

An inexpensive monitor will perform without issue, but will offer poor color renderingit will have very limited viewing angles, it will use connectors that have already been largely superseded, it will not allow adjustments that improve ergonomics and it will lack advanced functions that, in the end, represent an important added value.

Whenever I talk about this topic, a conversation I had with a friend years ago comes to mind. When I traded in my old 15-inch Sony LCD monitor for an ASUS with VA panel I received a visit from a lifelong friend, who wanted to see my new PC, and he was very surprised with the monitor, mostly because of the color representation and because it didn’t darken when looking at it from the sides. I had to explain the differences between the different panels that a monitor can mount, and it didn’t take long for him to get an IPS monitor.

all monitors they do the same thing, but they are not the same, that’s clear. It is a lesson that some have learned the hard way, and that others have always been clear about, although for budget reasons we have had to settle on more than one occasion with economic models. My first big jump in this regard was to that ASUS monitor with a VA panel and 1080p resolution, which I used for accompany a GeForce GTX 970.

The last monitor renewal I did was in 2019. Taking advantage of the Christmas campaign offers that Amazon opened, I was able to get an ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ 31.5″ with QHD resolution and Adaptive Sync, which means that it is G-Sync compatible. This monitor is adjustable in height, swivel and tilt, uses a curved VA panelhas a 144Hz refresh rate and reproduces 125% of the sRGB color spaceall seasoned with a response time of 4 ms.

At the time I thought it was a good buy, and today I can attest that it has been one of the best technology purchases I have ever made. so far as it has given me a fantastic user experience and still works as well as day one despite all the hard work I’ve given it (10+ hours of use a day, almost every day). It is true that today we can find superior monitors and for less than what this one cost me at the time, but there is still no need to change it. Now it’s your turn, what monitor do you use?

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