Our Readers Talk: Which Streaming Service Do You Prefer And Why?

The streaming content ecosystem has grown exponentially in recent years. Gone are the days when the offer was limited to Netflix, dean of these services, today the list of options is enormous and, moreover, very dynamic. In recent months, without going any further, we have experienced the arrival in Spain of SkyShowtime and the presentation of Max, this one for the United States but which will arrive in Spain next year, as a result of the merger of HBO Max and Discovery+. And that HBO Max has barely turned three years old (just over a year and a half since its launch in Spain).

There are no more movements announced in the short term, but many analysts predict more movements in this regard in the future, that is, with the arrival of new streaming platforms on the one hand, but also with mergers on the other. And of course, In the middle of all this tidal system, we find the usersthat given the enormous dispersion of content we are forced to choose between them, or to dedicate a significant monthly budget item to be able to maintain the subscription to all those with content that interests us.

Another option is to sign up for a particular platform for a couple of months, see all the content that interests us, unsubscribe and repeat the process with another of the streaming services that interest us… and so on. . It requires more planning, of course, but it is the cheapest system (without resorting to downloads, you know what I mean) to access all the content that interests you without dying, budgetarily speaking, in the attempt.

Our Readers Talk: Which Streaming Service Do You Prefer And Why?

However, even those who use this formula They usually have at least one service to which they permanently subscribe. Either because of its price, because of its catalogue, because of the editorial selection, because of maintaining an offer obtained at some point… I’m not saying that everyone does it, but I do say that, at least from what I’ve been able to verify in my personal environment, is the most usual. So today we are going to comment on this service in each of our cases, and I will break the ice starting with it.

I had to think about it a bit, because I was hesitating between two services. The first was Prime Video, and the reasons are the vastness of its catalog and, above all, its price, since I am an Amazon Prime subscriber, so for an annual fee of 49.99 euros per year, I have access to it . However, and despite the fact that I value Amazon’s service very positively, it has finally been relegated to second position. Of course, both HBO Max and SkyShowtime have also crossed my mind, in both cases because I contracted them at launch with their respective 50% monthly fee offers for “lifetime.”

Finally, however, I have opted for an option that may surprise you: Filmin. Yes, I know, it hardly contains “popcorn” cinema (which we all like, although many deny it), but on the contrary I can affirm that it is the streaming service with the most content that has surprised and delighted me, and also the one in which I have found some vintage and “classic” jewelry. Among the former, I recently had a great time with Carmen Curlers and Stonehouse, and in terms of classics in their broadest sense, from a stupendous selection of titles by Billy Wilder or the legendary Hotel Fawlty, with a John Cleese in a state of grace, even Doctor in Alaska, the British version (the original) of The Office, the caustic The Thick of It (Armando Iannucci and Peter Capaldi in an insurmountable communion) or WarGames, a film that had a certain influence on me wanting to dedicate myself «of greater” than this of computers.

But if I have to highlight something about Filmin compared to the rest of the streaming services, it is without a doubt his sensational editorial work. It’s not that it has more channels, collections and selections than the rest, it’s just that it shows that each of them is well thought out, that it has been designed by a person, not by an algorithm, and that the relationships are established by the content, not because someone who has seen A has also seen B. On another level, of course, but the editing work that is perceived in Filmin reminds me of the work carried out by Apple to manage the content of Apple Music Classical.

That is my opinion, but now I would like to know yours. Which streaming service is your favorite, and what is the reason (or reasons) for it? I hope to read you in the comments.

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