our tops and flops of the year 2021

Back on a busy year for the small screen, with the best and the worst of the 2021 series. Here is our TOP / FLOP on SVOD platforms.

This year 2021 has been rich in serial productions. The platforms have redoubled their efforts to satisfy their subscribers eager for new content, whether good or bad. Let’s take a look back at what the SVOD offers have in store for us in 2021, and on the worst and the best of its kind.


In the small universe of video game adaptations, there are not only successes. Still, Netflix did well with Arcane, freely inspired by League of Legends. In collaboration with Epic Games, the SVOD platform has delivered a steam-punk epic that is as visually spectacular as it is scriptwriting well done. A trip that we particularly enjoyed, and that we hope will also be good for season 2, even if we will have to arm ourselves with a lot of patience.

With the launch of its Star catalog, devoted to more mature programs, Disney + has offered us some good surprises. This is the case of Dopesick, with the excellent Michael Keaton in the lead role. Inspired by real events, this plunge into the heart of the vast opioid market and the scandal that marked the history of the United States is undoubtedly the series not to be missed. Danny Strong’s series is arguably one of the most ambitious in the history of the platform in terms of its narration and direction.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding its field of action by investing the virtual shelves of Disney +. If it’s Wandavision who had the honor to open the ball, it is undoubtedly Loki which leaves us with the most lasting memory. A success mainly attributed to his universe and his cast which does not leave marble. Tom Hiddleston proves the extent of his talent for incarnation, by multiplying the facets of the character he has played for many years.

  • Only Murders in The Building on Disney +

Another Star creation which takes pride of place in our ranking of the year. Halfway between Woody Allen’s storytelling and Wes Anderson’s aesthetic, Only Murders in the Building is a shock of the generations as comical as it is gripping. Supported by a brilliant cast, among young and old alike, Only Murders in The Building could establish itself permanently in the catalog of the platform. We will not miss the appointment, with season 2 already announced.

  • Orelsan: Never show that to anyone on Amazon Prime Video

Documentaries are commonplace on SVOD platforms, but if we were to retain just one, it would undoubtedly be the one dedicated to rapper Orelsan. Unveiled last October on Amazon Prime Video, this series follows the young man’s journey from his native Normandy to major concert halls around the world. An intimate portrait filmed from his brother’s camera, which shows Orelsan as we have never seen him.

Flop 5

  • Jupiter’s Legacy on netflix

Superhero series are popular. But every foray into the genre is not always a success. This is the case of Jupiter’s Legacy, which was not offered a second round of episodes. Despite all its efforts to deconstruct the genre, the narrative re-establishes itself with worn-out springs and the propensity to overplay of the various actors who populate it.

Particularly awaited by fans of the animated series, Cowboy Bebop largely disappointed the critics. Not ambitious for a sub, the series is based on the specifications of the N rouge and immediately loses its interest. However, the cast was there, John Cho, Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Fakir are doing admirably and we almost hope to find them on our screens in the shoes of bounty hunters, far from Netflix and its factory of impersonal works and calibrated.

  • Ragnarok (season 2) on Netflix

The first season of the Norwegian series was rather a good surprise, unfortunately for us, this feeling was not confirmed with the airing of the second burst of episodes. Love at first sight with Ragnarok will never take place, the narrative wanderings having overcome the interest which one carries to the adventures of Magne.

  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +

There weren’t all nice surprises at Marvel in 2022. While Wandavision and Loki have managed to reinvent the recipe for the house of ideas, Falcon and the Winter Soldier get entangled in hackneyed scriptwriting springs. Despite all the talent of Sebastian Stan, the series does not really manage to offer us the spectacle it promised us. We stay hungry and we hope that Captain america 4 will be more successful in his business.

We were impatient to find Joss Whedon in the direction of a series. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer promised to immerse us in a fantastic historical production, alongside characters endowed with power. But after several episodes, the finding is clear. Despite all its good intentions, the series never really succeeds in hatching its far too conventional plot to quite seduce us. It’s long and sometimes a bit boring.

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