Out-of-control Tesla Model Y kills two in China

An out-of-control Tesla recently accelerated sharply through the streets of Guangdong, China, killing two people and injuring three others. Tesla said it is working with authorities to find out what happened.

Several shocking crashes have been filmed in southern China’s Guangdong province after a Tesla Mode Y car lost control, killing two and injuring several. According to the victim’s entourage, a brake failure could have been the cause of the accident.but this remains to be confirmed.

Terrifying footage from CCTV cameras shows a white Tesla Model Y suddenly speeding up after the driver presumably tried to park the car. Out of control, the vehicle speeds through busy streets, without the driver being able to do anything. The 55-year-old driver’s family said that the brake pedal did not respond.

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Tesla kills two in China in series of violent crashes

As seen in the videos, the Model Y tries to stop in front of a store, then suddenly picks up the road and accelerates at full speed without braking for more than a mile and a half. The driver can be seen trying to avoid several people, but the car eventually crashes into pedestrians, before fatally hitting motorcyclists. The car ends up crash violently into a building.

Tesla said it was investigating the incident, but warned of “ rumors noting that his data shows that the car’s brake pedal has never been engaged as she speeds through the city. In a statement to Reuters, Tesla said it was working with local authorities to identify the truth about what led to the accident.

We’ve seen drivers create fake evidence to justify their accidents and blame the automaker, but Teslas have also been known to suffer from some pretty weird bugs sometimes. Earlier this year, for example, vehicles were stopping on their own on the freeway, and some Teslas were also experiencing phantom braking issues.

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