Outlet PcComponentes: everything you need to know before buying

Refurbished products are on the rise and what has always been known as second-hand sales with online stores and a little good marketing have turned into deeply discounted revised items. We have many names for it, reconditioned, refurbished, outlet, renewed, rake and a long etc. as long as there are stores. Let’s talk about the outlet or market of PcComponentes.

PcComponentes currently has its own section to host in a single website all the products that they mark as Reconditioned Y Rake”, It is the Outlet of PcComponentes. But also within your usual searches in the rest of the store, it can show you these properly labeled items.

What is a reconditioned product? And the rake?

Inside of the PcComponentes outlet we can find two very defined categories:

  • Reconditioned, which refer to second-hand products that have been returned within the purchase withdrawal period by a customer or exhibition products.
  • Rake which are return products with visible defects.

The biggest difference between these products is the warranty applied, being in the first case of 2 years and the second of 1 year.

Any product that you buy within the outlet is also subject to the withdrawal of purchase, in a within 14 days from receipt of order, so if when you arrive you are not convinced by its condition, operation or the like, as if it were a new product, you can request the full payment of your purchase.

Category not listed: Refurbished

Within PcComponentes, not within the Outlet section, we find a third category of non-new product: the refurbished. These are the products repaired (usually by the manufacturer) and returned to the store, this categorization is linked to, for example, Seagate HDDs, which after processing their warranty return them marked with “Refurbished” on their label. As we said, they are not new products, but, although the store does mark them in the name of the item (specified as “Important note: This product has been remanufactured”) they do not appear in the Outlet section, nor under the reconditioned or similar label. .

PcComponentes Refurbished

Is it safe to buy refurbished products?

Without a doubt, it is an option that we have as a buyer and we must not see it as something negative or harmful, it is also a way to give a second life to a product and reduce our environmental brand, and if we save a few euros by the way, better than better . The important thing is not to get carried away by the heat and review, read and buy. That is the key for a responsible purchase within the PcComponentes Outlet, it is true that we can find real bargains, if you have patience and know how to search, but not all offers or discounts are as good as they would be expected, compare we insist, it is the best option.

Refurbished products can be a good way to find that component that is already discontinued, for example, if you are looking for a board from an old socket, or some memories that are already discontinued to take advantage of the hardware that we all have at home or do that repair of an old PC it does not need to be renovated.

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