Outlook Lite is now available, and it only weighs 5 MB

Last June we saw that Microsoft was working on Outlook Lite, a version of the standard application of said email client that was initially going to reach Android, and whose launch was scheduled for July. In the end this information has been fulfilled, although with a small nuance and that is that its launch has been delayed a little longer than expected, since in the end it has gone to the month of August.

In any case, this is good news because Outlook Lite is Microsoft’s response to the needs of those users who have smartphones with a very limited level of specifications, but who need to be able to enjoy an optimal user experience. I am sure that more than one of our readers will remember that Google has been another of the companies that has echoed this reality, and that is why it launched specific solutions such as Android Go and a set of Go applications, all of them aimed at terminals with specifications of what we can consider as low range.

The Lite or Go versions are applications and operating systems that they have been reduced and adjusted so that they consume less space, and also less resources. In this way, it is possible to achieve good performance on devices that, for example, only have one or two gigabytes of RAM memory, and that have a very low storage capacity. In the case of Outlook Lite, we are talking about an application that weighs only 5 MB, and that despite everything supports Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange Online, in other words, it is a very complete solution .

Outlook Lite offers good performance even on low-end terminals, manages the battery better (less consumption) and works seamlessly with any type of network, even 2G. As for its features, it seems that Microsoft hasn’t had to remove anything major, which means we have the inbox, the calendar, the search function and also the spam protection. At the moment this application will only be available in specific markets, among which are Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and other countries that are considered emerging markets, but we imagine that it will soon be extended to other regions.

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