Outlook tricks to improve email management

In order to work less and smarter, avoiding having to waste time with unnecessary tasks, we must be able to handle mail in the most efficient way. It is necessary to avoid that the messages are buried and lost by wasting time in their search. Therefore, we tell you some tricks to improve the management of mail in the inbox in Microsoft Outlook.

Sort important messages automatically

At the time of keeping our inbox orderly is important that we are able to separate spam or less important emails from those that are priority and require our immediate attention. Otherwise, we risk losing important messages that are mixed between ad email and spam.

Outlook Show Focused Inbox

Outook allows us to better manage the use of the inbox allowing us to separate incoming mail between “Priority” and “Other”. To activate it in a simple way, just click on the «View» tray and click on «Show Priority inbox». Now we only have to move the most important messages to Priority so that the application knows how to filter which ones are the most important. This will save a lot of time when it comes to locating and identifying the messages since Outlook will take care of separating them.

Organize mail by folders and categories

Outlook also offers us the possibility of organizing our emails by folders and categories, something that we must take into account for a better administration of it. Let’s not forget that if we have all the messages accumulated in the same folder, it will be more difficult for us to find the most important ones that we have received longer.

The folders They can be used with POP or IMAP mails and can be used to store different types of mail, be it from friends, departments, clients, co-workers, etc. To create them, just right click on any folder in our email and click on «New folder».

Outlook New folder

For his part the categories They allow you to set colors for different types of emails, so that we can instantly recognize a particular type of message just by the color we have assigned to it. Just right-click on any message to be able to categorize it by color.

Use Favorites to keep hot folders on top

Microsoft’s email manager has at the top a Favorites section, where the folders that most urgently require our attention are located. In it we will receive the emails that require a reading and reply as a priority, so we will always have it more at hand.

Outlook add to favorites

If we want to add a folder to our favorites, we just have to right-click on the desired folder and select the option “Add to favorites”. When we no longer need that folder to require urgent attention, we can remove it by right-clicking and selecting “Remove from favorites”.

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