Outrageous: A seal dies on the beach while tourists take pictures and throw stones | VIDEO

A group of animal rescuers exhibited on social networks the moment when a seal was stranded off Norfolk shores, in the United Kingdom; However, the activists were extremely indignant after they noticed that it was an elderly specimen who I was dying while the tourists threw stones at him or they took pictures.

For more than them and the beach cops they asked visitors to stay away them and their dogs, and not to be disturbed, people turned a deaf ear to the instructions, so RSPCA Frontline He decided to display them on his Twitter account and brand them as thoughtless.

To rescuers They were urged to save the aging seal and to help her survive, however, this work became almost impossible because the people gathered there did not move. According to rescuers, the fact that there were so many people nearby may have made the animal more distressed.

“This adult geriatric seal is currently on the beach in Norfolk – it is likely in need of euthanasia, but it cannot be organized until the crowds dissipate. Please keep your distance“They wrote on their Twitter account along with a video of the marine specimen.

The seal did not survive

Being a old animal, the members of RSPCA Frontline already sensed that she might not survive and that she had stranded on the coast to die, however they wanted to make an attempt to rescue her. They tried their best but the seal probably died within hours of being washed away by the waves, detailed Dan Goldsmith, president of Marine and Wildlife Rescue.

Both authorities and animal rescuers were outraged with the bathers because they repeatedly asked them to stay at least two meters away from the animal and not to disturb it; However, they did not pay attention and took selfies and photos with the dying seal, in addition to throwing rocks at it as if trying to move it.

“We know that seals in their natural habitat are an incredible sight to see, but people must remember that this is about wild animals. We share our beaches with the seals and we have to learn to respect nature and enjoy from a distance, and never interfere or get too close to them, “said RSPCA.

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