Outrageous: Russia accuses famous reporter of showing Putin her legs to distract him

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, it was interviewed by American journalist Hadley Gamble last week during his participation in the Energy WeekHowever, the journalistic exercise has been severely criticized by the local media since they consider that the communicator served as a distraction due to her clothing.

For this event, the renowned CNBC journalist carried a elegant short black dress and sneakers in nude tone elongated her shapely legs, which was frowned upon by her Russian colleagues, as they disqualified and offended the experienced 39-year-old communicator by saying that had acted as a sexual object to distract the president.

The Kremlin claims Hadley was sent by the United States to destabilize the Russian leader in his own house. In addition to ensuring that the journalist flirted at all times with Putin, 69 years old, as she moved her legs, shot her glances and constantly played with her hair to express her “low instincts“, just as it happened in the famous film from almost three decades ago starring Sharon Stone.

During their different spaces, the Russian media reproduced fragments of Putin’s interview with Gamble, but they made special emphasis in the supposed messages that she sent for to flirt with the Russian president, who in fact, in the middle of an interview, launched some misogynistic comments like “she was too beautiful” to understand some of her energy responses.

Reactions to the allegations against Hadley

While the Kremlin and its allied media have been busy disqualifying the CNBC journalist as part of the United States’ strategy to destabilize President Vladimir Putin, other of her colegas have strongly condemned misogyny against the communicator and writer.

Julia David, a columnist for the Daily News, tweeted that it seemed to her that irony in Russia was already dead, since while on the one hand they criticized Hadley Gamble’s legs and questioned themselves what was she thinking about when she decided to wear that dress and the slippers at the same time branded Americans shallow and intellectually inferior.

However, the own Hadley Gamble has taken the entire controversy with humor around the interview, as he even presumed that after the panel at the Energy Week in Russia, was front page in several local newspapers that their legs stood out like a weapon of seduction.

The journalist wrote on her social networks that the media captured “her best angle” and even related that, to annoy her, her friends sent her a cake with the face of Vladimir Putin and on it the comment “you are too beautiful.”


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