Outrageous video: Former NY Jets player punches ex-girlfriend with fist and throws her against television

The social networks are extremely outraged after a video went viral in which the former NY Jets running back Zac Stacy, repeatedly beat his son’s mother. The events occurred at the woman’s home, in Florida, and the recording shows how the former athlete maintains a aggressive attitude from the start.

According to the video, Stacy’s ex-girlfriend is with her baby, just five months old, when the former player appears on the scene. claiming something from him. Then he visibly upset hits her with such force on the head that the woman falls close to the couch where is the baby.

You listen to the victim telling him to please calm down, but at that moment the violent aggressor He takes her clothes and throws them hard against the flat screen that is in the room. The woman falls to the ground and he approaches again to threaten her and apparently tell her “that he was a destructive person,” according to TMZ after having read the restriction order that the young woman interposed.

The woman relates in said document that after she fell to the ground, the screen also hit due to the strong impact, and although she asked Zac Stacy to stop, he He kept hitting her with his fist on the head and then he lifted her up and threw her against a baby seat. “I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he hit me,” he said.

They had to take her to the hospital

According to this specialized media, after she was hit by the former Jets running back, who played eight games with the team, he simply He said “I love you” to his son and left. The woman called 911 and when the emergency services arrived, they took her to a hospital to treat her for some bruises and a serious head injury.

Stacy’s ex-girlfriend was forced to file a restraining order with her son’s father since she said she fears not only for her life but for her children’s. According to TMZ, the events occurred on Saturday, November 13, when the man came to visit the 5-month-old baby, around 2:00 p.m., and it was then that he began to argue with the woman.


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