Overwatch 2: Blizzard refuses to reimburse players ruined by a bug

This weekend, many Overwatch 2 players were shocked to find that their credits had been used up to buy skins without their knowledge. In question, a bug with the game chat. And if the problem is now corrected, Blizzard has announced that it does not intend to reimburse the injured players.

overwatch 2 bug skins
Credits: Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s launch was marred by a lot of issues, to say the least. Between the DDOS attacks which paralyzed the servers, the sudden disappearance of objects and the progress of certain players, and the controversy surrounding the new SMS Protect anti-cheat system, we had a happier start.

But that’s not all, since several players noted with dismay this weekend that their wallet of in-game credits had been emptied. Indeed, a bug was automatically spending player currency to buy character skins. Many users have raised this issue on Reddit and social media.

As they explain, it is a game chat bug which considers typed text as commands in in-game menu navigation.”Unfortunately, to unlock a skin, you just have to press the spacebar twice, which can happen in a fraction of a second when you press it dozens of times per sentence”. details user Raindrac on Reddit.

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Blizzard is formal, no refund

Naturally, the player informed Blizzard of his misadventure, in the hope of obtaining a refund of the sums lost because of this bug. Suffice to say that the response from the American publisher was not as expected.After analysis, we are unable to offer refunds or any other compensation for unlocks made with the Overwatch 2 in-game currency. All of these unlocks are meant to be permanent”, says the company.

On the night of Friday 7 to Saturday 8 October 2022, Blizzard released a hotfix that seems to have fixed the issue. Nevertheless, the patchlog published by the developers does not mention the skins bug at any time… We must now cross our fingers and hope that the publisher has decided to make a gesture for the users affected.

Source : polygon

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