Overwatch 2 has a new map that is pure nostalgia, which one?

The switch to free2play and that abrupt closure of the first game have turned to Overwatch 2 in hostile territory in which players do not pass one to Blizzard. And perhaps it is for this reason, because of the desire that those from Irvine have to reconcile, that explains the arrival of a new map that will be added in the coming days and that will transport many players to the very year 2016, the moment in which it arrived. to the shops this shooter cooperative.

A map that will leave you frozen

On the occasion of the start of the third season of Overwatch 2will be added to the Blizzard title a new map very similar to one from the first title. We are talking about the Antarctic Peninsula, a scenario that will arrive on February 7, 2023 and that, to us at least, clearly reminds us of the Antarctic Ecopoint that we enjoyed almost seven years ago.

The main difference between both (cold) maps is that the first title was smaller and took place in a kind of research base, while this new one has grown in size and changes the facilities for a stranded ship. Differences not very important but that make you believe a beautiful and nostalgic illusion of reliving old combats.

Also, this new map promises to give us more information about the past of one of the most emblematic characters of the saga. Indeed, we are talking about Mei, our favorite ice-skilled heroine and one of the char most mysterious of the franchise. With Antarctic Peninsula we are promised to find out what exactly happened to his expedition companions, how he got his ice weapons and, according to the developers, some interesting clues regarding the future of the history of Overwatch 2.

Several areas to consider

This scenario will be part of the group of Control Maps, in which the team that manages to handle the three zones wins. The first one will be a laboratory where Mei and her companions used to work; the second will be the boat that the team Overwatch sent to rescue Mei and her friends; and the final part will be a labyrinthine set of underground tunnels whose centerpiece is a gigantic ice drill. This map will also be the first of its kind to be created keeping in mind that the teams are now made up of five members (instead of the six that we had to organize in the original title).

As level designer Trey Spisak of Blizzard has stated, in the area of ​​tunnels and the drill, “players will experience a never-before-seen layout in control maps,” in addition to reminding us that the developers “have experimented with making the game drill continues to dig into ice and become a threat that players will need to be aware of if they want to win the game.”

Be that as it may, from here we are convinced that this new and icy map will become one of the most liked within Overwatch 2both new and old players.

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