Ozona Tech presents Overa Activity, its intelligent workplace analysis platform

Ozona Tecnología, a company specialized in workplace digitization, presents Overa Activity, a platform for intelligent workplace analysis, using ML and AI. Developed by the Ozona Tech R&D team, it is especially suitable for the Human Resources, IT and business areas.

The aim is to help companies objectively improve productivity and efficiency in the face of the increase in teleworking and digital transformation. This search for productivity requires the use of tools for the observation, recording and analysis of the activity of the equipment in the corporate devices, being a guarantee for the company and the user.

“A few years ago we started working on a user experience monitoring solution. It has been as a result of the confinement and the need of the clients to have greater visibility with the new work models that has given us the impetus to create a comprehensive analysis platform ”, explains Ramón Ares, CEO of Ozona Tech.

Overa Activity provides information on the time and intensity of use in devices and applications to analyze, detect and act on what produces inefficiencies. Activity integrates with the main teleworking and analytics specific solutions.

It is a multi-platform and multi-device solution that offers objective data on the use of devices and applications on corporate devices, with a typical implementation time of days or weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

From three perspectives

In the case of Human Resources, personnel management departments can know the level of digital disconnection; the patterns and intensity of use of tools to know which are the most effective within the company; or training needs.

As for IT departments, Overa Activity provides visualization of connectivity patterns; device or process performance analytics; device exploitation diagrams; or detection of dangerous applications or risky usage patterns.

Finally, for the business areas, the solution developed by Ozona Tech allows benchmarking the main performance metrics and establishing comparisons by sector, department or dimension, among other variables.

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