Ozone Battle Royale, review: a compact keyboard with the three B’s


Characteristics and technical specifications

Ozone Battle Royale
Guy Mechanic TKL
illumination RGB 16.8 million colors
Connection type USB
Anti-ghosting Full N-Key Rollover
Multimedia control Using shortcuts (Fn key)
Compatible OS Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
Switch Cherry MX Red
Operational style Linear
Operational force 45 g
Actuation point 2 mm
Total distance 4 mm
Cable length 1.8 m
Broad 360 mm
Tall 38 mm
Length 140 mm
Weight 1230 g

The Ozone Battle Royale is a TLK type keyboard, that is, without a numeric keypad. Thanks to this we can achieve a smaller and more transportable keyboard, while allowing the manufacturer to save manufacturing costs, which translates into the possibility of offering a lower-priced keyboard. In total, this keyboard has 88 keys, all of them with their respective CHERRY mechanical push button.

This Battle Royale has a system of RGB lighting by LED, capable of displaying 16.8 million different colors and with the possibility of configuring different effects. It also allows us to configure the speed, direction and brightness of this lighting system thanks to the included keyboard shortcuts and its simple and intuitive software. Thanks to this software, in addition, we will be able to configure its operation and even create macros to access shortcuts or tricks in seconds.

Ozone wants to offer users a high quality unit, and for this it brings us a keyboard with original CHERRY MX RED pushbuttons. These CHERRY MX RED are the most used push buttons in the gaming sector, offering users a smooth click, a pleasant touch and excellent precision at higher speeds.

The keyboard has a full anti-ghosting system, thanks to which all the keystrokes are registered on the keyboard, no matter how many keys we press at the same time. Count with one G mode to disable Windows keys when activating Game mode and avoid interruptions, 12 multimedia keys, and it is compatible with both Windows and macOS, Linux and even Android.

The Ozone Battle Royale has a size of 360mm x 140mm x 38mm, and a weight of 1.23 Kg. The cable is braided, measures 1.8 meters and ends in a gold-plated USB-A connector.

External analysis of the Ozone Battle Royale

This new Ozone keyboard comes in a box similar to the rest of the company’s products. In this box the colors black and red predominate. In the upper part of it we can see a photo of the keyboard with its RGB lighting, while in the back we will see the details and technical specifications of the product.

When we open the box, we find the keyboard inside a plastic bag and well packed to avoid damage and problems.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 3

The first thing we are going to see are the instructions. Ozone includes next to the keyboard a small brochure in which the operation of the keyboard is explained to us. We can see what each key does, the default key functions of the keyboard and how to configure the backlight of the keyboard. Also how we can create macros without using its software.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 4

We will also find next to the keyboard a tool with which we will be able to extract the keys from the CHERRY buttons. This is useful, for example, to change them in case they get damaged, or to clean the keyboard.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 5

As we have already explained, this keyboard has a reduced size, since it does not have the typical numeric keypad on the right.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 6

At the top of the keyboard we will have the USB cable. This cable is of the braided type, it has a gold-plated USB and a velcro that we can use to prevent the excess cable from hanging.

The keyboard is full black, and has a standard Spain ISO layout. The truth is that it has nothing to highlight or that makes it differentiate, aesthetically speaking.

In the space key we will find the model silk-screened, above the arrows the brand and in the F keys the keyboard accesses with which we can control the lighting and its general operation.

The bottom of the keyboard is very plain. We can find 4 rubber bands that will help us not to move while using it, and two pins that will allow us to lift it and hold it at an angle.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 15

The angle of the keyboard is not adjustable. Either we have it flat, or raised on the sideburns of a single level, but nothing more.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 16

And, by using the key extraction tool we will be able to access the buttons that, as we have said, are original CHERRY MX RED.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review 17

Testing, performance and configuration

The first thing we are going to see are all the keyboard shortcuts that we are going to find in this Battle Royale. We will be able to access all of them by holding down the Ozone key, the one in the shape of the logo (to the right of the space) along with one of the following keys:

  • F1: Open My Computer.
  • F2: Open web browser.
  • F3: Open mail client.
  • F4: Open music player.
  • F5: Previous track.
  • F6: Next track.
  • F7: Play / Pause.
  • F8: Stop.
  • F9: Increase volume.
  • F10: Volume down.
  • F11: Mute.
  • F12: Open calculator.
  • Space: Hold for 3 seconds to reset the keyboard.
  • Win: Activate Game Mode (lock Win key).
  • Caps Lock: Exchange between Control and Shift.
  • Alt: Exchange between Alt and Win.

We will also find several keyboard shortcuts that will allow us to configure and adjust the keyboard lighting without having to download or install any more programs on the PC. These keyboard shortcuts are also launched with the Ozone key along with the following:

  • 1: Choose between breathing or constant mode.
  • 2: Choose from three types of aurora mode.
  • 3: Choose between fixed lighting or pulse lighting.
  • 4: Choose between «Dragon & Phoenix Dancing»Or explosive mode.
  • 5: Choose between the three cyclic modes.
  • 6: Choose between two cyclic interactive modes.
  • 7: Choose between mode Star, Rain Fall and Spring.
  • 8, 9 or 10: switch between custom modes.
  • Pause: Set the backlight color.
  • Scroll Lock: Cycle between lighting effects.
  • Above: Increase brightness.
  • Bottom: Lower brightness.
  • Left: Increase speed.
  • Right: Slow down.

And, also, we can customize the keyboard macros in the same way, that is, by holding down the Ozone key next to any of the following for 3 seconds to start recording:

  • Tab: Switch between normal mode and game mode.
  • Z, X or C: Record the macro on one of the keys.

If in any of the modes we hold down its corresponding key for 3 seconds we can enter the advanced customization mode of said effect.

Ozone Battle Royale - Light Review 1

Although it is very useful to be able to configure the keyboard without depending on software, the process is not entirely intuitive, and we do not have total control over the possibilities that this keyboard offers us. For this reason, Ozone provides us with a very simple configuration software for the keyboard, from which we will be able to adjust all these parameters. All you have to do is download the program, connect the keyboard via USB to the computer and open it.

From this first tab we will be able to customize the entire keyboard. In addition to being able to create different profiles (from the top left), we will be able to change the behavior of any of the keyboard keys. All you have to do is click on the key we want to change and choose its new function, nothing more.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review Software 1

The section «Lightning»Will allow us to configure everything related to keyboard lighting. In addition to adjusting the effects, we can also modify the color, brightness, direction, etc. Even if we don’t want to, we can turn off this backlight from here.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review Software 2

In section “Gaming Mode»We can configure the keys that we want to remain deactivated after activating the Game Mode of the keyboard. We can even activate or deactivate it from here.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review Software 3

Finally, from the «Macro» section we will be able to create and configure our own macros.

Ozone Battle Royale - Review Software 4

Once the keyboard is configured, we apply the changes and that’s it. We can now start using the Ozone Battle Royale with our new settings. This keyboard, of course, is amazing in every way. This is a very comfortable keyboard to use (even for those of us who are not used to using a keyboard TKL). And, in addition, it offers us all the functions that we may need, both to work and to play. A beast for our games and a faithful companion for the work day thanks to its original CHERRY MX RED pushbuttons.

Conclusion: how is the Ozone Battle Royale?

The first thing to keep in mind when asking ourselves this question is, do we use the numeric keypad? If we only use the PC to play, most likely not, and this keyboard will adapt to our needs. But if we also use the PC to work, it is very likely that we do use the numeric keyboard. And, in that case, this keyboard will not work for us.

Typically, when looking within the budget range, most keyboards tend to be hybrid or membrane. And, if we want something of higher quality, mechanical, it is necessary to spend a lot more money. There are also models that, to cut costs, use clone mechanical buttons that do not offer an experience, not even similar, to that of the CHERRY.

On this occasion, Ozone has found that middle ground, the perfect balance, between a cheap keyboard but clone mechanical buttons. And also original CHERRY. In this way, we can get this high-quality keyboard for 90 euros. An adjusted price taking into account everything it offers.

Ozone Battle Royale - Light Review 3

Otherwise, the Ozone Battle Royale has high-end features. For example, a customizable RGB LED lighting system, a total anti-ghosting and the possibility of configuring the keyboard both through its own software and through the keyboard shortcuts that are configured.

We still miss some features, such as dedicated multimedia keys. But all things considered, we can’t help but recommend this keyboard, as long as we never use a number pad.

Ozone Battle Royale - Light Review 2

Therefore, we are going to give the Ozone Battle Royale, our award of gold.


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