Pablo Ruano, new Country Manager for Spain of TrueLayer

The open banking platform has announced the appointment of Pablo Ruano as Country Manager of the company in Spain. Pablo, based in Madrid, will oversee the commercial strategy in the country, together with the newly appointed vice president of sales in the EU of TrueLayer, David Exposito.

The announcement comes as TrueLayer continues its expansion in Spain, where it offers coverage of 99% of the banked population, processing more than half of all open banking traffic in the country through its collaborations with firms such asor Revolut, HeyTrade and Ninety Nine. TrueLayer is also the only open banking provider that supports the app2app processes of all Spanish banks, providing people with a faster and easier way to give permission to a third party to access their bank details or make a payment in their Name.

Pablo is a highly experienced business leader, joining TrueLayer from Lendoa European loan comparator, where until now he held the position of General Manager for Spain.

“There is a lot of potential for open banking to offer innovation to Spanish consumers and companies. The growth of instant payments between accounts and its next evolution as a main payment option in multiple sectors makes it an incredibly exciting time to join a market leading company like TrueLayer. It has already built a strong customer base thanks to its extensive banking coverage that makes it easy for businesses to implement account verification, data aggregation, and instant and secure payments.”says Pablo Ruano, about its incorporation in TrueLayer.

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Before working at Lendo, Pablo was director of European operations at Uber, where he oversaw the European launch of Uber Freight, a digital platform for shippers and commercial carriers, enabling efficient freight combining and simplifying the movement of goods. He is also the founder of, a financial technology company, which focuses on offering cost-competitive microloans with very short application times through the use of automation and artificial intelligence.

“TrueLayer is working with customers across Europe to replace card payments, which are expensive and have low conversion rates, with instant and secure bank-to-bank payments that offer a better customer experience. We are delighted that Pablo is joining us, as it will play a crucial role in accelerating our expansion in Spain, generating new agreements, collaborating with existing clients to expand the use of our products, and supporting our clients in the United Kingdom and Europe to successfully enter Spain”, says David Expósito, vice president of sales in the EU of TrueLayer.

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