Pablo Serna, COO of Diez Software: “We do not sell software, but an ally for your company”

Ten Software is a company that develops and markets business software and that, today, belongs to the Spring Group. Since 1999, the company has been helping SMEs, freelancers, consultants and professional firms to automate accounting, billing, taxation and labor processes.

To delve deeper into the great topic on which the future of small businesses pivots, digital transformation, we have spoken with Pablo Serna, COO of Diez Software. The manager has told us how SMEs and the self-employed can improve production processes in the administration area, how a software tool optimizes the operation of a business, etc…

MuyPymes: What processes can be digitized in the administrative area of ​​companies?

Paul Serna: There are countless tasks that can be digitized, thus improving the productivity of our companies. You just have to think of any task that requires a mathematical calculation, or a digital reading of data and we can automate it.

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MuyPymes: And in general terms, what functionalities does a management software tool offer?

Paul Serna: Business management software for the administrative area is usually divided into four well-differentiated sections: accounting, tax, labor and billing. And that’s how we do it at Diez Software. Broadly speaking, these are the main tasks that can be done with our tools:

  • Accounting: Accounting for companies or freelancers can be kept on an estimate basis. We will be able to have all the exercises online, as well as enter entries and invoices in a simple way. It allows the legalization of books, the deposit of annual accounts and the calculation and presentation of corporate tax.
  • Taxation: We will be able to make state, regional and Canarian models, keeping a history of all the presentations, making the presentation of these without having to leave the application.
  • work area: The program automates all tasks so that making payroll is a matter of minutes. The legal data is maintained without the need for input by the user, as well as the information on all the agreements and the notice of their revisions. Incidents, sick leaves, strikes, costs, ERTES, SEPA files, as well as the relationship with all the bodies involved: SILTRA, SEPE, DELTA, AEAT, forales, etc., complete all the necessary processes for the best management of the payroll department and human Resources.
  • Billing: In this area we can automate the billing process, assigning quotas, managing warehouses, orders, delivery notes. We can automatically calculate invoices and also manage those of suppliers. It allows the generation of information to link with the advisor or direct accounting if the accounting program is available.

MuyPymes: A software company usually has constant updates, especially due to the great competition that exists today. How do you apply innovation in your software? What is taken into account: technology, legal changes, customer demand…?

Paul Serna: Indeed, the Diez Software development team works to improve the applications on a daily basis since, right now, there are many tools that offer similar services.

To apply improvements to our products we rely on a mixture of these three parameters. Of course, the first thing is to add any changes in current legislation to always offer an updated product (especially when we talk about a tool to carry out administrative procedures).

The user needs a tool that is up to date without having to worry about legislative changes. Once these changes have been adapted, at Diez Software we naturally take into account technological innovations and many of the suggestions and requests that our customers make of us. Our customers know their needs best and we take their feedback very seriously.

MuyPymes: In any case, you also offer specialized products for professional offices and consultancies. What added value do you offer to these businesses so that they can stand out among this amalgam of tools for business administration?

Paul Serna: Indeed, there will be consultancies that may feel “attacked” by the proliferation of management software, but the truth is that advisors, thanks to this type of tool, can automate the most tedious processes of their company and be able to dedicate themselves to what really matters. adds value: advising its clients.

On the other hand, our ERP for consultancies, ERPtenoffers a good handful of tools that facilitate and improve the relationship between consultancies and their clients: bank reconciliation, digitization of invoices, online billing tool…

VeryPymes: Finally, what is the added value that a company like Diez Software can offer to SMEs?

Paul Serna: We always say that it is not enough to just sell the software tool. Offering post-sale customer service is paramount. For this reason, we consider that we not only ‘sell’ management tools, but also an ‘ally’ for your administrative department.

What’s often scary when you get new software is not being able to get the most out of it or use it correctly. Our tax and labor support department consists of more than 20 people who offer constant attention to our users and free and unlimited information to all our clients about the programs.

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