Pages, Numbers, and Keynote get updated with new collaboration features

As the macOS Monterey launch approaches, the guys from Cupertino just released anNew update to your suite of office applications: Pages, Numbers and Keynote both for macOS and for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. If you want to know what are the news that Apple has introduced in this new update, I invite you to continue reading.

What’s new in Keynote version 11.2

Keynote 11.2 adds as the main novelty live video support, with a live camera that can be inserted into your slides as part of a window or in full screen mode. Multiple cameras can be connected to obtain different angles of live video, including live streaming from a connected iPhone or iPad display.

Enhanced flexible collaboration options now allow participants to add other people to the shared presentation on macOS Monterey. Also added an instant translation feature will automatically translate the selected text into up to 11 languages ​​and add the translated version to the presentation.

What’s new in Pages version 11.2

In the case of Pages, there are improvements in the publication of books, with two-page spreads, optimized images. The radar charts for comparison of data, they have been added with this update.

For the newer operating systems, we find collaboration that allows participants to add other members to a shared document, and the same function of instant translation than in Keynote.

What’s new in Numbers version 11.2

Numbers introduces pivot tables, which can be used to view and analyze data with just a few clicks. This includes the ability to import and export Excel spreadsheets with pivot tables, and the ability to add pivot charts to worksheets.

The Radar charts also come to Numbers. Quick filters can be used to quickly select the values ​​to show or hide, as well as to find duplicate or unique values.

It has also been added the possibility that participants add other people to a shared spreadsheet, along with instant translation.

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