Pages or Word, which is better text editor on Mac?


As we have commented previously, the price between Pages and Word can become important when making a decision of which one to use. And in this case the clear winner is the option offered by Apple. In this case it’s completely free for anyone who has a Mac and simply must be downloaded from the Mac App Store. That is, by having a Mac you have access to the entire Apple iWork suite where the text editor is included. And this is something that ends up being transferred to the entire ecosystem.

This is totally different in the case of Microsoft Word. In order to access this application you must pay a price monthly or annually to be able to use this office suite. Obviously, there are some exceptions if you are a student where you can enjoy the free suite. But in general, you will always have to pay a payment to access this program officially. This can be a problem if you don’t have any budget to spend on an office suite like this one. In the event that you have a Mac, you may always be interested in having the free option that Apple offers.

Do they have the same design?

Design is an aspect that in our opinion is subjective. Apple with Pages maintains a fairly conservative design and in line with the rest of the applications in the ecosystem. It is because of that If you are a fan of the rest of the applications that Apple has designed, Pages will undoubtedly end up enchanting you. Access to the different functions may appear to be somewhat hidden. This is because Apple really wants to give prominence to the different shortcuts that can be found in the system and also to the text as such.


This does not happen in Word where the opposite is true. By default it has a very overloaded layout. At the top you can find the classic tabs that contain access to all the functionalities such as source, page or review editing. Everything is visible in large buttons that you can press at any time. That is why the way you want to work during the day will enter here, if with a much more simplified view or if, on the contrary, you want to have access to all the functions in a fast way. As we say, it is something that is not 100% objective to define and that you will be the one to judge under your own criteria.


Specific functionalities

Beyond the design or the price, it is necessary to highlight different functionalities that may be key when deciding between one of the two programs at hand. Next, we are going to explain different aspects of relevance and that can be key points in the general public.

Fonts and styles used

This is one of the sections in which more similarities can be found between Word and Pages. One of the most basic functions that a text editor has is to adjust the style of the different letters. In this sense, you can find the fact of changing the size of a letter or giving it a completely different style among the hundreds of options that can be found. In this case, both Word and Pages have similar fonts and also have identical font size or color editing options.

This also carries over to other editing options that are common. The fact of making use of exponents also occurs in both cases as well as highlight a part by changing the background or activating the bold, italic or underlined feature. All this in the end are customization tools and help to adjust the files that you write to your personal tastes and also to the writing instructions that they may give you. In this case, only the location of each of these functionalities differs, but the basis is identical.

Using templates

Text editors are often characterized by having a large number of templates. In this way you don’t have to start completely from scratch to work in a plain text, but you already have a base. The fact of making a report, a resume or have a real calendar are some of the templates that can be found in text editors. Without a doubt, they are very interesting tools that are available to facilitate the lives of users and that in many cases is a key point to be able to choose one editor or another.

Word Pages

In the case of Word, you can find some high-quality templates. They are classified depending on the mission they have, such as making a resume or a cover letter. In each one you can find sources that are different and also the most appropriate classifications to make different reference systems at the end. This must be added to the fact that also install templates that are external and that they are not designed by Microsoft itself which can be really interesting.

In Pages the templates that can be found are quite similar to those in Word. In this way you have access to a document for the curriculum or to make a cover letter. The only difference that can be highlighted in this regard is that there is not such a large number of options available. You must choose from a number of templates that is quite small compared to the alternative offered by Microsoft.

Word Pages

Referenced and revised systems

In the workplace and also in education, having a good referral system is essential. This is because when doing work you have to add all the references that have been used as bibliography. In this case, Word has a high-quality system in which you can enter numerous data from the bibliography that has been used at all times. This is collected with a reference in the text itself, and a bibliographic table can also be added at the end. Pages doesn’t have such a sophisticated system for including references. That is why, although references can be entered, it is not the most advisable thing to do if we are comparing them.

Another of the relevant sections in these areas that we have discussed is the revised text. In real time, these two programs offer the possibility of making corrections in real time depending on the language you have chosen. That is why you will always have available the corrections of spelling or grammar mistakes that you are using. This is something that also works much better in the Microsoft suite, surely thanks to the experience it accumulates behind its back. If we go to Pages in many cases we must first train the dictionary to be able to have the most common words available.


One of the clearest examples that can exist lies in a very specific vocabulary such as the scientific one. There are many extra words that can be strange in that jargon such as ‘deoxyribonucleotide’. In the case of Word, this is a word that can be corrected from the beginning and no error occurs when writing it, even if it is fine. But in Pages, even if it is well written, it will always give a grammatical error by not recognizing it. This means that if you are in a very specific sector it is possible that Word interests you to have more precise revisions of the vocabulary that is used. Ultimately, the option is not yet so enriched with many words that are out of the 100% usual.

Possibility of collaboration

When working collaboratively, it is important to have all the necessary tools. This can be given especially in an academic environment when doing different projects between several people. It can be interesting to be able to edit the same document simultaneously with other people and this is a feature that is available in both text editors, always trying to imitate the great example such as Google Drive. The condition that is imposed in both situations is that they are uploaded to the cloud of each of the brands: OneDrive and iCloud Drive.

share documents pages keynote numbers mac

In a practical case where different files are being edited simultaneously, it must be taken into account that Word can work much better. What prevails in this case is the immediacy in the changes. That is, when one of the participants makes a change the other sees it almost immediately so that the work is as fluid as possible. This is something that in Word is achieved quite well, but in the case of Pages it is a bit more convoluted, since the changes are not entirely immediate, which is a problem in the long run.

How can they be exported?

When sharing a file that has been edited in Word or Pages, it is important to consider how it will end up being exported. One of the clearest examples is the fact of exporting it to PDF so that it can be opened practically on any computer or program, as it is a universal format. Although other important formats must also be taken into account and in the case of Pages and Word there are differences. If we focus on Pages, the formats to which a document can be exported are as follows:

  • PDF.
  • Word.
  • EPUB.
  • Plain text.
  • RTF.
  • Pages ’09.

In the case of Word the list is much longer with formats that are special and are not used as much. But in the case of focusing on the commons, the ones that stand out are the following:

  • PDF.
  • .Doc
  • .dotx
  • .dot
  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .html
  • .htm

Word Pages

In general, it should be noted that both programs contain the main formats that you will need on a day-to-day basis. But if you want to go a step further with a more complete set, it may be advisable to opt for Microsoft Word as it has a greater variety.

Compatibility with other services

This is undoubtedly one of the most unknown features when we talk about text editors, but it is fundamental for many people. The fact of enriching these editors with external applications is essential above all to be able to manage, among other features, a bibliography. In this case users who are focused on writing research or bibliographic articles they may need to have a manager for these references. In this case, Microsoft Word can install what could be called specific application extensions.

This means that the basic functions available in the editor can be enriched at all times. But Pages is not an editor that is so open, since these extensions cannot be installed in order to have access to more functions. This in a general way you may not miss it, but on other occasions it is undoubtedly something fundamental for those specific professions.

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