Paid Twitter? Elon Musk’s changes annoy even Stephen King

The Twitter purchase by Elon Musk It is raising, as expected, a series of commotions and controversies that have not surrounded the service of the little bird for a long time. And it is that the owner of Tesla has come stomping by applying changes, firing people and suggesting a series of proposals that will give much to talk about.

Will I have to pay to use Twitter?

when you let go $44 billion to buy a social network, the only thing you hope is to be able to monetize your product to recover that money and earn much more. But in the eyes of Elon Musk, the service is not doing well at all, and for this he proposes changing a series of fundamentals with the idea that Twitter is more efficient and profitable.

Well, it seems that one of the changes would be related to one of the hallmarks most desired by the Twitter public. We are obviously referring to the blue tick of Verified accounta simple icon that Twitter gives to those users who verify that they are really them and that among the popular profiles it serves to mark a status.

A highly desired feature by Twitter users? Musk is clear: that must be paid. That a function that needs customer service and review of Twitter employees to avoid fraud and identity theft requires a payment we could understand, but the problem is that Elon wants to include it within the Twitter Blue subscription, and not only that , but also, incidentally, increase its price.

Verified and Premium

Twitter Blue is the twitter subscribe mode that allows users to access exclusive features of Twitter. You can, for example, undo or edit a Tweet, and access beta features so you can experience what’s new on Twitter. It’s a somewhat exclusive mode that gives more freedom when it comes to Tweeting or using the service, but it doesn’t detract from the free mode. In fact, both Twitter Blue and the free version of Twitter include advertising (although the latter is already working on methods to reduce it slightly).

The interesting thing about all this is that Musk’s new measures propose to carry account verification within Twitter Blue, so that anyone who wants to have a verified account on the service would have to religiously pay the monthly fee. But there is still more, since, if the current price of Twitter Blue is $4.99, with the arrival of verification the service would cost $19.99as pointed out in TheVergea price that even the very Stephen King He has reproached Elon on Twitter as you can read below:

Twitter user image

@StephenKing We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8?

November 01, 2022 • 06:16

Stephen King: $20 a month to keep my check blue? To hell with that! They should pay me. If this is implemented, I’m leaving like Enron.

Elon Musk: We need to pay the bills some way! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8?

Twitter will remain free, but will it be used?

Twitter down problems

Knowing all this, it is important to emphasize that Twitter will continue to be free, however, one of its most demanded features will become paid. Taking into account that it would become the first social network to charge a verification, we’ll see. How is the mass of users responding? before this gigantic change.

The last solution? Many are thinking of deleting the Twitter account forever and switching to other services, so we’ll see how the social network suffers if the community turns towards that movement.

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