Paint and Notepad will launch a new «Fluent» interface

Paint and Notepad are two programs that have been accompanying us within the operating system since Windows 3.1. They are very simple programs, without advanced functionalities, but basic, and cannot be missing from the operating system. Notepad we already saw that it was receiving some changes within Windows 10, so it was not going to disappear. However, it has been rumored several times with an alleged disappearance of Paint.

Far from reality, Microsoft’s drawing program is not only here to stay, but even with Windows 11 it is going to receive a total interface change, giving it an improved look and ensuring that it still has years of being with us.

This is how the new versions of Paint and Notepad are

After the presentation of Windows 11 there was a presentation dedicated entirely to developers, to introduce them, in a more technical way, all the news. And among many other things, we have been able to see what the new interfaces from Notepad, Paint and PowerPoint.

Paint is, of course, the application that has changed the most. The drawing program has received a complete set of new icons for all tools, icons that are now in accordance with the new interface of the operating system. The funny thing about this program is that, while the explorer has removed the Ribbon bars, Paint still has them. Of course, the Paint boxes do not have rounded corners yet, which may mean that it is still an incomplete design, and subject to change.

In the case of Memo padAs we can see, the interface is very similar to the current one, but adapted to the new appearance of Windows 11. The menus have a greater margin and are integrated into the title bar of the program. And, in the case of Powerpoint, the interface does seem a lot more up-to-date.

At the moment we do not know if these new designs are definitive or just concepts. What is clear is that, at the moment, the ISO filtered two weeks ago does not have these updated applications. Soon we will leave doubts.

A necessary renovation, with buts

Of course, Windows was crying out for an update like this. MacOS and Linux were recently betting on aesthetic changes to their desktops while Windows continued to share many visual aspects with Windows 95. Programs, and many of the essential applications of the OS, such as the file explorer, are going to change. And we believe that for the better. In addition, there is still time to see more changes in other tools, such as the task manager, that allow it to continue evolving as a modern operating system.

Of course, we have been a little disappointed to see how some long-awaited functions, such as the tabs inside windows, they still show no signs of life. Hopefully for future Windows 11 updates these can come true.

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