Paint helps you, improves and sets your photos as desktop background

Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, by itself proposes several ways to establish a new desktop background. This is one of the most common customization functions of the system and that allows us to view personal photos at all times in our team.

There are several features included in Windows that allow us to adapt this software to our needs or tastes. The customization tasks that we are talking about are extensive both in terms of functionality and appearance. But if we focus on this second section, changing the desktop is one of the most common actions. This is something that for example we can carry out from the Settings app included in the operating system itself.

Anyway, we can use several programs focused on working with this type of graphic elements, both our own and those of third parties. In fact, along these lines we are going to focus on a program that almost all of you know and that greatly facilitates the change desktop background placing your own photo. It goes without saying that Paint is a simple photo editor that has been with us for many years and versions of Windows. Despite the similar proposals that we can use today, this is a very loved program used by users all over the world, hence it remains in place in the latest versions of the system.

Therefore, in the event that we are thinking of changing the photo on the Windows desktop background, this application that we are discussing will help us.

Use Paint to change photos on the Windows desktop

At this point it is worth mentioning that, as you can imagine, this simple program goes a step beyond changing the desktop background. With this, what we want to tell you is that we can quickly customize the photos we are going to use before setting them definitely. Thanks to the photographic editing tools that Paint offers us, we can add or delete elements to the new background.

Keep in mind that this is an application that is not at all comparable to other more advanced ones such as GIMP or Photoshop, but it meets the expectations and needs of many. That is precisely one of the secrets of its success. In this way, once we have done the pertinent changes over the original image directly in Paint, the program will allow us to set it as the desktop background. This is something that we can do without having to use other Windows functions.

The only requirement that we are going to be asked to carry out this movement will be to have previously saved photo to disk drive. Next, to achieve the objective that we are looking for in these lines, we will have to click on the File menu of the main Paint interface. In this section we find the usual options for saving and printing images. However, if we look a bit we find one of them called precisely Set as Wallpaper.

When we place ourselves on it, we will have the possibility to choose the way in which we want to place these photos edited in Paint and that they form part of the system’s desktop directly.

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