Palo Alto Networks Launches Cloud-Native Managed Firewall Service for AWS

Palo Alto Networks has launched a new cloud-native and fully managed firewall service in collaboration with AWS. Its function is to eliminate the complexities that originate in the security of cloud deployments in AWS. A) Yes, Cloud NGFW (short for Next generation Firewall) is responsible for allowing companies to speed up this process without having to give up security to achieve it.

Additionally, Palo Alto Networks Cloud NGFW for AWS shifts responsibility to Palo Alto Networks, which will handle deployment, maintenance, availability, and scale management. Cloud NGFW offers advanced URL filtering, and uses deep learning to help block zero-day web threats in real time, while allowing applications to securely connect to legitimate web-based services. The firewall is also equipped with a threat prevention system, which helps stop known vulnerability exploits, malware, and command and control communication. On the other hand, with App-ID it lowers the risk of attack by controlling the traffic based on the “Layer 7” traffic classification.

The firewall has one of its strengths in the ease of use in the cloud. Its implementation is simple, as it can be purchased through the AWS Marketplace and then quickly configured and integrated with AWS services: in just a few clicks and in minutes. Plus, because Cloud NFGW is a fully managed cloud service, businesses don’t have to worry about deploying, upgrading, and managing any infrastructure. The firewall also takes advantage of the AWS Gateway Load Balancer offering high availability as well as elastic scaling on demand to meet unpredictable performance needs.

Cloud NGFW for AWS integrates with AWS Firewall Manager, making it easier to manage firewall policies across multiple AWS accounts and virtual private clouds. Apart from this, its support for API templates, CloudFormation and Terraform makes it possible to automate end-to-end workflows.

Anand Oswal, Vice President of Network Security at Palo Alto Networkspointed out that one of the main reasons why companies have opted for the cloud is that «they want to focus on their core competencies and leave others like core infrastructure and services to experts like AWS. AWS native expertise and the spread of AWS native services have provided these organizations with the tools they needed to adopt the cloud. Now, as cyberattacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, organizations are looking for network security that is as easy to implement as other native AWS services.«.

As to Stephen Orban, Vice President of AWS Marketplace and Control services at AWShighlights that the company has listened to customers «say that security and simplicity are two of the main reasons they choose AWS. Over the past year, we have worked closely with Palo Alto Networks to co-develop the best cloud-native network security solution to help customers accelerate their pace of innovation.«.

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