Panasonic could make Apple Car batteries

The problems that Apple is facing in order to carry out the Apple Car are the order of the day, problems that would have ended long ago if you had decided to partner with a vehicle manufacturer already experienced in the market, leaving aside some demands that have always been the reason for the cessation of talks.

In summer, various rumors suggested that Apple was in negotiations with Chinese companies CATL and BYD to take over the manufacture of Apple Car batteries. However, as usual, the negotiations have stalled, although this time for different reasons, at least in part.

And is that Apple wants the batteries to be made in the United States. According to Reuters, citing sources related to the negotiations, Apple not only wanted to manufacture them in the United States, but also demanded that the manufacturers dedicate an exclusive team to build the Apple Car batteries.

Reuters claims talks between CATL and BYD have temporarily stopped. The reasons are the large investment that would mean for both companies to create new facilities in the United States, together with the tensions between the United States and China.

In view of the new setback that Apple has encountered, various sources suggest that the Cupertino-based company you are looking for a new supplier in Japan, specifically at Panasonic, a former Tesla partner.

Apple, Panasonic and BYD declined to comment at the request of Reuters. Nevertheless, CTAL claimed to deny such information and that they were evaluating the opportunity and feasibility of manufacturing in North America. It also states that each client has a professional team dedicated to each client.

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