Panasonic EQ2, professional screens with 4K resolution and up to 86 inches

The professional division of Panasonic has today presented the new series Panasonic EQ2, professional 4K LCD screens that adapt to the different needs of corporate buildings, educational centers, shops and much more. All models in the new series offer high visibility, durability and a wide range of useful connectivity features. In addition, the new Panasonic EQ2 range is available in multiple diagonals to cover virtually any space.

With a simple but effective design of very small frames, the new Panasonic EQ2 can be perfectly integrated into shops and offices. They have a 500cd/m brightness and with panels with a high light scattering value to suppress reflections from brighter light. In this way, the new EQ2 series can be used without problems in closed spaces, such as conference rooms or classrooms; but also in open and very bright spaces, such as receptions and shopping centers.

professional screens Panasonic EQ2 shop

To offer greater versatility the Panasonic EQ2 range offers the possibility to place the screen in portrait or landscape mode, with an angle of inclination of up to 20 degrees. In addition, they are prepared for 18 hours of continuous operation, which makes this new series also perfect for displaying information.

The new Panasonic EQ2 is compatible with the specification slot intel sdm (intelligent display module), which can be used with the receiver board version of the wireless presentation system Panasonic Press ITor with optional connection plates such as 12G-SDI and DIGITAL LINK. There is also an integrated digital whiteboard functionality, which allows you to annotate on the screen and zoom in and out with the mouse.

professional screens Panasonic EQ2 meeting room

On the other hand, the screen allows you to connect USB devices using a USB type A cable and be controlled by a PC connected to the EQ2 display via the USB Type-C port. This functionality, for example, is ideal for being able to easily and quickly hold videoconferences in a meeting room. By permanently connecting a camera or speaker to the display, the user can connect their PC and instantly control all devices to start the meeting.

For maximum flexibility, the screens have three HDMI inputs, PC input and the commented USB type C. Control can be done via LAN or serial connection, and simultaneous control and batch management can be done via network. The screens are compatible with the LAN control with AMX or Crestron Connected. Panasonic EQ2 displays also support screen transfer, which allows content to be streamed from one PC to up to 64 displays connected via wired LAN.

Panasonic EQ2: availability and diagonals

Panasonic EQ2 diagonal professional screens

the new series Panasonic EQ2 will be available sequentially from the month of June. It will arrive in six different screen sizes: 86, 75, 65, 55, 50 and 43 inches. This will allow covering both large rooms and smaller spaces, such as an office, a school classroom or similar areas.

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