Panasonic HZ1000 65″ OLED TV for 1,199 euros. Enjoy a movie picture

Today we are going to offer you a unique offer if you are looking to renew your old television. More than anything because you are going to be able buy the 65-inch Panasonic HZ1000, a high-quality OLED television as you can see in our analysis, and that you can now get at a very attractive price.

And it is that Mi Electro has decided to collapse the price of this Smart TV so that you can buy the 65-inch Panasonic HZ1000 for 1,199 euros. We are talking about one of the best models on the market and that enjoys the best technologies, including HDR10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG, to deliver stunning image quality.

Buy the Panasonic TX-65HZ1000E for 1199 euros in Mi Electro

An OLED TV perfect for watching movies

Panasonic TX-65HZ1000E

A model that will more than meet your expectations and that you can now get at an attractive price so that you can renew your old television at the best price. Let’s remember that this is an OLED model, so you can enjoy more than 8 million pixels that light up autonomously to create contrast and three-dimensionality at the height of the most demanding users.

Add to that the fact that Panasonic has expert Hollywood colorists to calibrate its TVs, like this cut-down 65-inch Panasonic HZ1000, for a cinematic picture. You always have to calibrate your Smart TV, especially if it is a high-end TV like this, but the truth is that the HZ1000 comes pretty close. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, offers support for Filmmaker Mode.

When using SDR sources, its level of scaling is brilliant, achieving a very organic and unartificial sharpness, as well as treating the compressed signals exquisitely. You won’t find a trace of noise, compression or troubled flashes in dark areas, as this smart TV tIt reduces the shadow detail perfectly so that there is no excess banding or posterization.

On the other hand, the Panasonic HZ1000 offers one of the best tone-mapping on the market, since it does not burn any detail in the whites, nor does it lower the brightness of the scene excessively. With a perfect HDR luminance curve, create a 3D effect in HDR that will amaze you.

We could not forget My Home Screen 5.0, the operating system that brings this television to life and that has the main streaming applications so you can enjoy your favorite movies and series on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+.

As you may have seen, this offer to buy the 65-inch Panasonic HZ1000 for 1,199 euros is a great opportunity to renew your old television and enjoy an OLED Smart TV perfect for watching movies and series.

Of course, we are facing an offer that will be available for a limited time, so do not miss the opportunity to hunt this model in Mi Electro at such an attractive price. More, with the reduction that it has in its price.

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