Panasonic JZ1500 TV review: OLED never looked so good

Panasonic has decided to no longer make its most high-end panel exclusive to its most expensive TV. Therefore, the JZ1500 offers us the most beautiful picture of 2021.

The years go by and look the same for the players in the television market, more particularly those in the OLED technology segment. However, in 2021, Panasonic made a small change regarding the top of its range. In recent years, only its 2000 stamped models had the best panel, coupled with more sophisticated sound processing. This is not the case with its 2021 vintage: the JZ1500 offers the same image as the JZ2000.

This is a good decision for one simple reason: the price. The JZ1500, with simpler speakers, costs less. A godsend for those who do not want to spend more for a JZ2000, especially if they do not intend to use its sound system (which is billed anyway). Which seems plausible: when you put several thousand euros in a television, you generally own a sophisticated home theater. The savings achieved nevertheless climbed to nearly 1,000 euros for the 65-inch versions.

Simple and … swiveling

Panasonic never goes into aesthetic daring with its televisions. The JZ1500 will not be the exception to prove the rule. We are therefore left with a television with thin edges, a slightly more supported chin and assumed sobriety. Some might even think that the JZ1500 was launched 10 years ago, so the design is quite ordinary. In short, you will not acquire this reference to beautify your living room (when the screen is off, of course).

Good point though: the JZ1500 is equipped with a practical circular stand for two reasons. Not only does it not require the use of a very large cabinet to accommodate the television, but, as a bonus, it is slightly swivel. This is a nice little extra for those who love being able to orient their screen as needed. This specificity, associated with the very wide viewing angles of OLED technology, makes it possible to appreciate the spectacle offered by the JZ1500 with several positions.

The JZ1500 comes with a remote that is both heavy and imposing. It brings together so many keys that you can get lost in it – especially since they are not backlit. This is a point to be deplored for a product sold for several thousand euros.

Panasonic JZ1500 TV // Source: Panasonic

The most beautiful OLED picture

OLED technology quickly reached maturity. Therefore, from year to year, it is sometimes difficult to perceive a real difference between a television and its successor. Compared to the HZ1500, the JZ1500 nevertheless benefits from a major innovation: it is based on the same new generation panel as the JZ2000 – the most expensive model in the catalog (itself replacing the HZ2000). This translates to a higher peak in brightness, bearing in mind that OLED TVs aren’t known for their propensity to dazzle audiences.

Beyond these technical considerations – they will ultimately only speak to purists who know the product sheets inside out – it must be recognized that the image delivered by the JZ1500 is… striking. The small gain in brightness makes it possible to further refine the rendering, with HDR content that is even more vibrant. On this subject, it will be recalled that the JZ1500 does not ignore any format – from Dolby Vision to HDR10 +, including, of course, HDR10. To this incredible spectacle is added a colorimetry of an accuracy that is difficult to fault. Right out of the box, the JZ1500 is a satisfaction and you won’t need to get lost in the settings to enjoy a (very) beautiful picture.

Panasonic JZ1500 TV // Source: Panasonic

The enhancement algorithms used by Panasonic are very powerful – even the motion compensation is convincing. We have known more aggressive treatments, more rewarding certainly, but becoming too artificial. The JZ1500 favors respect for content, emphasizing the information that composes it with a generous pique without going overboard. The result is perfect flat areas, a feeling of relief that is never just any way and a fidelity at all times. Not to mention those truly black blacks – the hallmark of OLED TVs.

If the positioning of Panasonic is more cinephile, the JZ1500 is very comfortable with video games. As proof, its Game mode – either the one with the lowest input lag, under 15 ms – is automatically activated when you turn on your console, regardless of the image parameter chosen (good point: the presets are easily accessible). This means that we can enjoy great fidelity and, also, ideal playing conditions. Its two HDMI 2.1 ports (there could be 4 as with LG…) guarantee compatibility with 4K 120 Hz signals, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) or even FreeSync Premium (for Xbox players).

Panasonic JZ1500 TV // Source: Panasonic

An interface still lagging behind

In 2021, Panasonic has still not made the resolution to abandon its operating system derived from Firefox OS. The JZ1500 inherits My Home Screen 6.0, a generation that is still struggling to catch up with the competition. The essential applications are there – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube – while others are conspicuous by their absence (MyCanal in the lead). Just can we appreciate the clarity and speed of the interface. We would still recommend associating the JZ1500 with a TV box worthy of the name (an Apple TV for example).

Note that the JZ1500 accepts voice commands for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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