Panasonic RZ-B100, review: balanced in price and quality

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No in-ear headphones

The usual thing right now is that most of the true wireless headphones that we see are of the in-ear type and in part it is understandable that this is the case, because they have a series of advantages due to the nature of their design that those that are of the button type do not offer. Even so, here Panasonic has opted for the latter, to create some Earbuds similar to the original AirPods. But first let’s talk about the charging case.

I know this can be something very personal and not everyone cares or cares, but for me the size of the case is something I value. It is true that when other more bulky ones are justified by the size of the headphones as happened with those of Bose or by offering an extra battery of greater capacity I accept it, for the day to day I prefer it to be something as compact as this.

Panasonic created a just-sized charging case so that the two headphones enter together with the necessary electronics and that additional battery that allows practically three additional charge cycles, thus reaching a total of about 16 hours of playback.

In addition to its dimensions, the case is easy to open and once opened the headphones do not fall out of it thanks to the attachment by magnets that it incorporates. A detail that is also appreciated, because some cases do not quite hold the headphones well and sometimes they fall off while you are putting them away.

For the rest, as additional details, the button that serves to pair the headphones lights up when the case is opened. Detail less, it is true, but it is something that draws attention because there are cases where you go almost crazy looking for that happy button without which you cannot make the headphones connect to your mobile phone, computer or other device with Bluetooth.

And finally, the case charges via a USB C connector which is what this and any other device that is currently launched on the market should have. Because this connector is still a bit chaos in terms of the standards that each type of cable supports, etc., but it can already be considered as the standard and it is much easier to have a charger with a USB C to micro USB cable as it was normal until not long ago.

And now yes, let’s talk about the headphones themselves. Here I say that the part of offering a button design like classic Apple headphones is a success for all those users who always have problems with the in-ear type because they cannot find the right silicone pad for their ear. These hardly fall off, at least I did not drop them and in part that is also thanks to the stick it incorporates.

The stick, yes, it is too big in my opinion and results in a product a little less aesthetic than others on the market. It may be just my opinion and most of them think the opposite, but it is not for aesthetics that I would highlight this proposal from Panasonic.

What I did like is that, as I said, the cotton swab helps to improve the grip once they are on. Although I highlight the touch control offered by each of them. The response from it is fast and it is in a position where it is easy to get it right when you have them. Of course, when you need to reposition them because you feel that they are falling, it is better to grab them by the stick if you do not want the music to stop or the call in which it is to end.

In short, without being a top product in terms of design, the construction is good. It is not that it is the best on the market, but it is well done and in daily use they seem to me very comfortable. So much so that I think most users would be just as comfortable with them as I am.

Connectivity and autonomy

Talking about its benefits, we are going to focus on connectivity and autonomy. I will not go into detail, because there really is not much to tell, but I do want it to be clear to you what it offers.

For starters, these speakers make use of Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to other devices and has Dual Connect function. The latter means that both headphones are independent, so you can save the left one and continue using the right as normal and vice versa. Of course, although the theoretical range is about 10 meters, in my tests at about 6 or 7 meters I have suffered disconnections.

It is not a big problem, because normally you carry the phone with which you are using them in your pocket or near you in a bag or backpack, but if you use them at home and go from one room to another you may suffer these cuts. The good thing is that the moment you get closer, the connection recovers quickly. Only you would have to press the touch control to resume playback.

If the connection is fixed, the data transfer is correct and the reproduction offers good quality and no interference or other possible problems that could affect the experience. So good for that part. And do not forget that these aurcicuals are compatible with the SBC and AAC codecs.

Ah, if you’re wondering, it doesn’t support more than one device at a time. So when you want to use it with another device you will have to repeat the pairing process. Luckily it’s fast, so the hassle is less.

On autonomy, without surprises and complying with what is expected. The headphones promise autonomy of 4 hours playing content and so it has been in my tests. Maybe sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more depending on the volume at which I have used them, but always on that theoretical value.

In addition, the charging case offers an extra battery that allow them to reach a total of about 16 hours of playback. Here I have not been as meticulous pointing out the start and end times of the battery, but still the real value should be close to that total hour. So they are interesting headphones for those who are moving all day from one place to another.

Sound quality

Let’s get into the important section, how do these Panasonic RZ-B100 sound? Well lets see, they sound good for the price they have. That is, they cannot be compared to the Audio Technica that we tested months ago, neither like the AirPods Pro or the latest from Sony … but it is logical because those are proposals that cost two and up to three times more than these.

Therefore, the sound quality they offer seems more than adequate. In addition, it must be taken into account that they are not in-ear and that, being “open”, means that passive noise cancellation is not enjoyed due to the insulation made by the silicone pads. But still in the whole frequency range I think they behave quite well. And don’t forget to boost the bass a bit to compensate through the XBS Extra Base System technology.

Depending on the genre of music you listen to and even the volume, it is better not to turn them up to the maximum, you will be able to enjoy more or a little less, but I think that for price they are a proposal that behaves very well and that is important.

Like the microphones, in calls they hear you clearly and unless the network has a problem in the transmission of data, your interlocutor is not going to complain because you are speaking through the headphones.

A balanced proposal at the right price

In short, the Panasonic RZ-B100s are a fairly well-balanced proposition at the right price, although that does not imply that they are really cheap. At a cost of 69.99 euros It is true that there are some other models that if you do not mind that they are in-ear they rival a lot with them, like the Freebuds 4i that I analyzed here as well. But if you are looking for a true wireless headset model from a recognized manufacturer, with good sound and user experience, I think this could be a safe option. And they are also available in white.

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