[Para recordar] League of Legends: 10 goals that won’t be missed

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League of Legends may not always be players’ favorite place of entertainment. Released almost 13 years ago and constantly being updated, the game’s meta has changed countless times, making some champions not even a shadow of what they were in the past.

Already in the midst of these updates, some stolen metas may or may not have left some players homesick, as many of these ended up being frustrating or didn’t have an effective way to be countered. the team of TecMasters decided to take a little trip back in time and remember some of the strangest metas that were seen in League of Legends.

League of Legends’ Weirdest Metas

Master Yi AP

The famous League of Legends swordsman has undergone a small change recently, which has even weakened him. Although he is still a nightmare for many players due to his excessive damage, this was not always his main problem.

Until the year 2012, before going through another rework, Master Yi could do an AP build, which practically didn’t let him die. Thanks to its W, which gives healing to this day, the champion was able to regenerate an absurd amount of health, being able to tank the damage of more than one enemy champion and even towers, all together.

Its damage was lower than seen with crit builds, but it was still enough to clean up well in teamfights.

First Mordekaiser rework

Mordekaiser underwent a complete rework in 2019, but Ravenã de Ferro already had a more controversial rework in 2015. On this occasion, the champion, who was previously used in the middle and top, ended up as a bot lane loader and reached be the main target of a patch during the League of Legends world championship of the same year.

Riot Games, as they like to innovate with champions and in reworks, granted the possibility for Mordekaiser to be able to control the dragon soul, not the current soul, something more like a spirit. Thus, players had to face in their traditional lanes not only their enemies, but a dragon capable of attacking them and causing a lot of damage to the tower.

After the 2015 Worlds, Riot Games identified the problem and made several nerfs to Mordekaiser, which was once again forgotten in the competitive scenario and stopped appearing frequently in the bot, but was able to continue having its own “pet”.

Quimtec Dragon

The Quimtec dragon may still be very fresh in the minds of players, after all, it made its debut at the end of 2021 and was removed early 2022. What made the dragon so frustrating is that a “gas zone” was added in four parts of Summoner’s Rift.

Unsurprisingly, due to this zone rendering enemy champions invisible, teams behind the scoreboard had little chance of reacting and still had to spend their little gold on detector wards. Not only that, Rengar started to gain prominence with a change, which made him literally jump non-stop inside the gas zone.

Burning Thurible

One meta that even broke the competitive landscape was the Burning Cthurible, an item made by supports. With the same, when granting a shield or healing, the ally receiving such a “blessing” would gain 20% to 35% attack speed.

The item appeared in patch 7.2 in 2017 and proved to be very broken as not even most normal ADC items granted the same attack speed. Thus, Lulu and other peel supports appeared alongside several hyper carry, such as the Kog’Maw, which turned into a “spit machine gun” with its W activated.

first Evelynn

The mechanics that make characters invisible have always been a problem for players. The current Evelynn still has this mechanic, but in the past, the champion could become invisible starting at level 1.

The fact that the champion had such ability meant that she was not only used in the jungle, but also in mid. In order not to have to fight a “ghost”, we’re not even talking about the summoner spell, or to at least get a sense of where Evelynn was, the only solution was to buy a detector ward (still pink at the time) and place it in the middle of the lane.

As if just fighting something disappearing wasn’t a problem, to help more, Evelynn had almost no cooldown for her Q skill and was still doing a full AP build.

Zion AP

Is it a fact that Sion is a thousand times more beautiful than the old Sion? It’s fact. But while Riot Games’ rework on Undead Colossus was necessary, the champion’s eight-year-old skill kit allowed him to be played with an AP build.

The combo was as follows: stun point and click the enemy with the Q skill followed by the W skill, which initially shielded the champion and then exploded, dealing a considerable amount of damage. To put it bluntly: it was stolen and there was no counterplay.

Anyone who doubts can check out the theft of Barão de Kami, former mid laner of paiN Gaming.

Banner of Command + Zz’rot’s Portal

Anyone who complains about the Force of the Whirlwind may not have lived at the time of the Banner of Command and Portal of Zz’rot. The former did not offer health regeneration to nearby allies and increased the damage of nearby allied minions, as it turned one of your minions into a super minion.

The second granted 55 armor and magic resistance, as well as 125% health regen. Little? His active created a mini base that spawned minions from the void. As if that wasn’t enough, these differentiated minions even dealt more damage to the enemy tower.

Can you imagine what that combo was like? The split push with Quebracascos is “in the slipper” near these late items.

9 pots and 2 wards

Doran’s Blade or Corrupting Potion? What nothing! The goal from nine years ago in League of Legends was 9 health potions and 2 wards. The initial build gave great sustaining power in the lane and even offered extra vision from the beginning to not get ganks from the enemy jungler.

It’s really hard to remember how players hit the last hit back then.

Swap target

In mid-2014, lolzinho was dominated by a global “swap” goal. In it, one of the bot lanes went directly to the top, while the other remained in the bot lane — all at level 1. Top laners even started in the jungle along with the jungler, before 2vs1 confrontations.

The idea in this case was to take the tower as quickly as possible to open the map earlier, which made it easier to execute objectives. The strategy was also used for unfavorable matchups, but League of Legends nerfed this meta sometime later.

No ADCs in bot lane

League of Legends patch 8.11 may not bring good memories for ADCs, but the fact is that, at the time, nerfs to some items and the shooters themselves caused the bot lane to be dominated by melee champions, such as Yasuo, Mordekaiser, Jarvan and company.

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