Parallels 17, the first macOS Monterey virtual machine to run on Apple Silicon

Parallels has announced the release of its 17th version for desktop. As you may already know, it is a program capable of running Windows applications natively on Mac computers with Intel processors. And now with the Apple M1 chip. The virtual machine has been optimized for macOS Monterey, bringing exceptional improvements in speed and graphics. The most remarkable thing is that the new version includes an improved gaming experience.

Perhaps the most popular way to virtualize different operating systems on macOS is Parallels and right now, it is available with a new version that adds many new features. The main one is that this version brings an improved Windows gaming experience. But we cannot forget the possibility of running macOS Monterey betas in a virtual machine on a Mac holder of Apple Silicon.

Nick Dobrovolskiy, Parallels Senior Vice President of Engineering and Support:

Our advancement of easily running Windows 10 applications on Apple M1-based Mac computers was just the beginning of the new chapter for Parallels Desktop for Mac. To deliver improved user experiences running virtual machines on Mac devices. Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac continues to offer improvements in terms of performance and stability. As well as innovative features that are easy to use in computers with both Intel processors and the M1 chip. That allows users to access the Windows experience on the most advanced Macs. In collaboration with Apple, we are proud to have created the first macOS Monterey virtual machine prototype that can run on a Mac with the Apple M1 chip

In tests, Parallels 17 has proven to do its job very well. Shows notable speed improvements across the board:

  • Resuming an operating system is now a 38% faster
  • OpenGL works up to six times faster.
  • Macs with Apple Silicon have a performance increase of more than 20% in Windows boot time.

Other updates include a better disk space control and more recognizable USB drive names. There is a new Visual Studio plug-in in the Mac Pro edition and additional deployment options for using Parallels in a managed macOS environment.

You can download the program to test it using its free version. You can buy it if you have never had a previous version for a price of 79.99 euros. If you want to update, you will have to pay 49.99 euros. We always talk about prices for individual use without being administrators or without being the Pro version.

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