Parclick surpasses one million users on its 10th anniversary

Parclick celebrates its tenth anniversary with a presence in 240 cities in eight European countries, one million users and 40 employees. At a time, in which the role of vehicles is fundamental to planning the cities of the future, it presents a constant annual growth -82% between 2012 and 2019- which has made it possible to advance in the mission of taking cars off the streets and contribute to creating a more sustainable city.

Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, the Spanish company has drawn up a strategic plan with which it aims to offer new services that build the parking lot of the futurefrom recharging electric vehicles to logistics and storage for traditional businesses, in addition to consolidating its position in the cities where they operate by improving relationships with car parks and integrating into mobility routines to optimize the customer experience.

Higher occupancy and profitability for operators

The ability to adapt was present in Parclick from its birth. When they had only been operating for a year, they decided to risk a 180º turn to their strategy. The initial idea consisted of reserving parking spaces for events, securing a site at times where a full parking lot was expected.

The lawsuit, however, led the project down another path. Luis París and Iván Rodríguez, the founders, realized that if they offered reservations in regular car parks They would reach more drivers and could become valuable partners for car parks, as they would ensure greater occupancy and profitability.

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In 2013, his proposal was welcomed with open arms by BSM and NyN, Barcelona’s municipal car park network, which became the first major operator allied with Parclick. A few months later, in June 2014, the SABA operator also trusted them and, together, they expanded the service not only to more areas of Spain, but also internationally, to Italy.

International expansion continued and they reached France, where they became one of the main players thanks to the acquisition of its French competitor, Parkingdeparís, which at that time had double the turnover of Parclick.

The last finishing touch of the expansion came in January of this year through an agreement with Indigo, whereby Parclick can offer its car parks in Spain, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, with stays of one hour to 29 days and customers of Indigo can access the Parclick network of car parks, with 1,800 car parks in Europe. Currently, the app offers its services in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

In addition to international expansion and alliances with parking networks, Parclick has focused its activity on promoting small car parks through technology and thus saving costs and facilitate management. The alliance with FAAC in 2019 and the synergy of its hardware knowledge with the software offered by Parclick meant the materialization of this objective.

«It has been a decade of growth based on adapting to the needs of our customers and changes in urban mobility. 10 years ago, people had doubts about the digitization of car parks. Now it is a reality and we have managed to position ourselves as leading players in the sector. This anniversary seems to us a perfect occasion to apply what we have learned in the new plans », says Luís Paris, co-founder of Parclick.

“Car parks play a fundamental role in the future of mobility and the idea is not only to make them underground to leave more space for citizens, but also to be used as service hubs, from logistics and traditional business to recharging electric vehicles”, adds Iván Rodríguez, co-founder of the startup

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