Parental control by default: Apple, Samsung and all manufacturers will have to integrate it on their devices

The proposed law relating to parental control by default will be examined by the National Assembly on January 18 and 19, 2022. Contrary to what Emmanuel Macron proposed, this parental filtering will not be activated by default. Parents can decide whether or not to use it. On the other hand, all manufacturers will have to offer a system on each device that has Internet access.

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In November 2019, Emmanuel Macron took a stand to fight against access to online pornography by minors. The Head of State then gives 6 months to internet operators to activate parental control by default for all subscribers. No voluntary process therefore, the use of parental control must become an obligation according to the President of the Republic.

Finally, the threats of Emmanuel Macron are not carried out. In November 2021, a new bill is presented. She aims “to encourage the use of parental controls on certain equipment and services sold in France and allowing access to the Internet ”. This time, parents will however remain free to use it or not.

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Apple, Samsung and Google forced to introduce parental controls by default

In this device, the constraint indeed applies to constructors, like Apple, Samsung, Google and many others. According to the text, which has just been examined this Wednesday, January 12 by the Committee for Cultural Affairs of the National Assembly, manufacturers and internet providers must systematically offer a parental control system. “These mega-manufacturers will have to adapt their products at no extra cost ”, specifies LREM deputy Bruno Studer, main author of this bill.

Parents will choose whether they want to activate it or not when using the device for the first time. This measure could therefore concern our smartphones of course, our tablets, our PCs and laptops, our connected televisions, our game consoles, etc. As Bruno Struder reminds us, numerous studies prove that parents use this type of device very little.

In a study carried out in February 2020 by IFOP on behalf of the CNIL, we learned that only 46% of parents have implemented parental control solutions. “Not used enough, a minority of children are protected. These are tools that are for some very efficient hence the idea of ​​proposing their generalization ”, explains the deputy. The ANFR will be responsible for ensuring compliance with these obligations by manufacturers and distributors.

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