Parents sell their Afghan baby to prevent their other children from starving

The Afghan families starve and one of them decided sell your little baby in a desperate attempt to have money for prevent your other children from passing away for not consuming food. For $ 500, the Afghans gave their daughter to a man who wants the baby to marry his son.

After taking the taliban, foreign funds helping low-income Afghans disappeared and with it emerged that the economy is on the brink of collapse. In a town on the outskirts of Herat in Afghanistan the sale of the girl took place, whose buyer assured that will raise the baby to later marry his son, although there is no guarantee of his intentions, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

The man gave a upfront payment of $ 250, enough for the girl’s family to feed for a few months. The rest of the payment will be given to the family once go get the girl when she can walk.

The Covid-19 pandemic and war devastated Afghanistan

The recent collapse of the Afghan government with the second arrival of the Taliban, the Covid-19 pandemic that has undermined the world’s economies and cancellation of foreign funds covering approximately 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product, have led the Taliban to experience a dramatic economic situation that has them on the brink of death.

“My other children were starving, so we had to sell my daughter,” said the mother of the baby for the BBC, “How can I not be sad? She’s my daughter. I wish I didn’t have to sell my daughter, ”said the anguished mother.

The father of the family used to work as a garbage collector, but now he is going through difficult times. “Now we don’t have flour or oil at home, we don’t have anything. My daughter has no idea what her future will be“Said the father of the baby and three other children.

Last week, eight children starved to death in Kabul, They were part of a family where his father died of cancer and his mother of a heart condition. “The children were so hungry that they couldn’t even stretch their legs”Said a preacher from a mosque who found the corpses of the children.

With information from the Daily Mail and BBC.


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