Parish priest stole alms to organize gay and drug orgies

Italian parishioners are dismayedbecause the priest Francesco Spagnesi, the parish priest of the Church of the Annunciation in Castellina was arrestedor, in September, for using people’s tithe to organize gay drug orgies, for his actions, he was recently sentenced to three years and eight months in jail, according to local media.

Spagnesi, 40, got sentence reduced after plea deal in which he accepted the charges of drug trafficking and misappropriation; He had also been accused of allegedly having had unprotected sex with multiple men without telling them that he was HIV positive, but this accusation was withdrawn. Italian authorities reported that Francesco has a boyfriend, who was also sentenced to three years and two months in prison for complicity in buying and selling drugs.

The former priest will avoid stepping on jail

Nevertheless, The former priest will avoid being behind bars, as he will serve his sentence in a therapeutic compound, where you will receive treatment for your drug addiction and will have to perform social services, which has outraged many, They consider that it deserved a more severe penalty. But he will have to return the approximately $ 338,000 he stole from his parish.

It is believed that the prelate he used the “rape drug” in his orgies that he organized through the internet, which were attended by doctors, bankers and businessmen; According to research, some events had as many as 200 attendees.

Before the arrest, the parishioners had noticed a change in the priest’s attitude. “He was nervous, shy and absent, he did not like to organize baptisms, communions, confirmations and weddings,” explained one of the religious. It is known that Spagnesi confessed to Bishop Giovanni Nerbini that he had used narcotics, so he asked him to go to a psychotherapist; in September, following the accusations, Francesco was removed from his post.


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