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We have been using #ShotOniPhone for several years now, the official hashtag for posting photos taken with the iPhone on social networks. And one more year, Apple wants to collect the best photographic results obtained with the iPhone 13 Pro in a new contest that has already started and in which anyone can participate.

The reason it’s only for iPhone 13 Pro

Although it is true that in previous years Apple has recognized the best photographs taken with an iPhone regardless of its model, in 2022 things change. And it is that the requirement of having to carry an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max is given by the fundamental requirement of this contest: that they be macro photography. And of course, the company has only implemented this mode on those two devices.

iphone macro camera

this contest started yesterday Y will end on February 16, so the deadline to upload the best photographs is open. Yes indeed, winners will be announced in april, since we want to give a considerable margin to the jury to determine which are the best photographs in this category. And, speaking of the jury, we must say that the company has known how to choose very well, highlighting renowned photographers. In fact, some repeat for having already been on the jury in previous years:

  • Anand Varma
  • Apeksha Maker
  • Peter McKinnon
  • Paddy Chao
  • Yik Keat Lee
  • Arem Duplessis
  • Billy Sorrentino
  • Della Huff
  • kaiann drance
  • Pamela Chen

How can you participate in the contest?

If you meet that requirement of having an iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, all you have to do is hang your photos on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #iPhoneMacroChallenge. It should be noted that users of Weibo, a social network widely used in some Asian countries, will also be taken into account. Of course, whatever the network, the user must specify the exact model with which he has taken the photograph. The jury will be in charge of reviewing all of them without the need for you to send them to any other place.

macro photography example

macro photography example

Finally, the winners will see their photos displayed in a post that the company will upload on its website, more specifically in the Newsroom. You may also find them on some official company accounts on social networks and even on digital campaigns or in the official stores of the company, places where photographs taken with iPhone are usually exposed.

For all this, Apple itself has given four tips that, although it is true that they are not requirements, will surely serve to take better macro photographs:

  • «Get as close as you can to what you are going to photograph, up to 2 centimeters if you want.

  • Place the main focus point in the center of the image, because that’s where iPhone macro photography gets the most detail.

  • Tap an area of ​​the viewfinder to choose a specific focus point.

  • Take the photo at 5x magnification to capture an ultra-wide angle view, or try taking it at only 1x magnification for a tighter frame. iPhone will automatically switch cameras when you get close to maintain the setting.

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